Meryl Streep shows what style in your 60s really looks like

Meryl Street has made a name for herself as one of the best actresses in the world and as she’s

Meryl Street has made a name for herself as one of the best actresses in the world and as she’s moved into her 60s she’s also made her mark as a bit of a style icon.

The actress is currently promoting her new movie Florence Foster Jenkins and has been busy going from event to event over the past few days.

Yesterday she stepped out in not one but two amazing outfits, proving that women in their 60s can still be fashion-forward and stylish.

Her first outfit was a gorgeous deep green with a silk shirt and matching pants. She paired her look with oversized earrings and some super stylish glasses.

While most people loved her look, not everyone was a fan. Some said they thought it looked more like PJs than an outfit for the red carpet.

“Those earrings are a cry for help and very attention seeking. Remember Coco said less is more!” said one critic.

However, others loved it, saying: “She looks beautiful and comfortable in her own skin”.

Next, Meryl had a quit outfit change before heading to her next even where she went all out with a bold navy top, brown wide-leg pants and platform shoes.

The look drew mostly praise from fans who said it was great to see an actress over 60 making the front page of the style news.

With so much focus in the media on the style of younger people, over 60s often get left behind or ignored. It’s nice to Meryl out there flying the flag and proving us “oldies” have still got it!

What do you think of Meryl’s outfits? Would you wear something like this?

  1. Diane Pigram  

    She looks great in both outfits just because you are over sixty
    doesnt mean you have to look drap

    • Dorothy  

      I agree. She looks fashionable and dressed well. She is showing people just because we all age does not mean we all have to just let ourselves go. We should always take care of ourselves first, because if you don’t take care of yourself, you are not capable of being a good parent and caring well for others left in your care.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    Meryl’s outfit of black top and brown pants is ugly. I would not wear the outfit if you paid me. Modern perhaps. Style NO.

    • marilyn flynn  

      agree, its ghastly

      • Amber  

        Isn’t it awesome that she can wear it and not give a crap what others say. Some of the things the younger actresses wear are hideous and people think they look beautiful when they look more like street walkers. I live that Meryl couldn’t care less what people think of her style.

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