Mark Latham and Andrew O’Keefe clash in fiery debate on the Morning Show

Tension was high in the Morning Show studio this morning when host Andrew O’Keefe and former politician Mark Latham clashed

Tension was high in the Morning Show studio this morning when host Andrew O’Keefe and former politician Mark Latham clashed over the topic of feminism.

The Morning Show organised a panel of guests to discuss the question: ‘Are men treated like second class citizens?’.

The topic was centred around feminism and the government’s new ad campaign for violence against women, which some say unfairly paints men as aggressive and cruel.

Mark joined Andrew and his co-host Angela Cox, as well as Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine and The Guardian columnist Van Badham to discuss the topic if men were being unfairly targeted.

Mark was asked by Angela if he thought men felt threatened now that women today are educated and better off financially.

“No I think the average man is doing quite fine, they ignore most of the left feminist clap trap,” he said

“They ignore people like Van who are a very very minority interest in our society, she’s a self declared anarchist way way on the extreme left of politics representing perhaps point zero, zero, per cent of thought in Australia so she’s safely ignored.

“When you look at the bottom of society when you get away from Van’s debate about women like her, because left feminism is essentially selfish,” he said before O’Keefe interjected, “Oh for god’s sake”.

Andrew openly scoffed at Marks response and that was all it took to send the two into a back and forth battle of yelling over the top of each other before Angela stepped in to try to control the situation.

Just when it looked like they had finally calmed down though, things picked up again.

“You live in cloud cookoo land. If you’re on the 11:30 train out of the city and there’s a women’s only carriage, and you’re a bad bloke looking to do damage, you’re going to go straight in,” Mark said referring to the recent proposal of having women only carriages on late night trains.

“That’s a really good insightful comment there. Great to have constructive debate there. Thank you. And thank you all for your insights and thank you Mark for the entertainment,” replied Andrew sarcastically.

“Thank you for the objectivity, Andrew and maybe next week, you can go back to being a proper professional host. If you want to participate in these debates declare that at the start of segment,” replied Mark before Angela stepped in a ended the interview.

The reaction on social media has been mixed with some people siding with Andrew and calling out Mark for being “biased and ignorant”.

Others though, said Andrew should have shown more professionalism and kept his cool throughout the segment.

Take a look at the segment below and tell us who you think was in the right and who was wrong.

Was Mark Latham out of line here? Or, should Andrew O’Keefe have kept his cool?

  1. Andrew OKeefe is never professional in any interview. He sends people up and always makes a joke out of topics no matter how serious the subject matter. He is rude and only believes his opinion counts. For an ambassador of White Ribbon Day he is a total embarrassment as he is in all things on TV. He shouldn’t be a host of anything. Mark Latham is in another world and I wonder why we have to listen to his dribble. He wasn’t even a good politician and has some unrealistic views and opinions. The two together make for terrible TV and I for one will not watch Sunrise of any shows they are on. In the seventies they would have been labelled chauvinists…neither have changed

    • Mike Cope  

      I agree with you TOTALLY Lyne. He is an embarrassment and is full of his own self importance. This is a reflection on the 7 Network which is a shame and I used to prefer them over 9. Now I refuse to watch either channel due to the sensationalism that they call “journalism”. What a crock. I also agree re your comments on Mark Latham. The problem is also added to by those in the network who do the actual “invite” to become involved in the debate in the first instance. Instead of asking “media” personalities who will do anything for a bit of national exposure, they should be asking for input from people who a respected by their audience in the first instance. The ABC will no doubt be loving this because most intelligent people will be watching Q&A, not this garbage.

      • roberta hiskins  

        So glad it is not just me who cannot stand Andrew O’keefe. Have always found him self opinionated, obviously to the left & making silly jokes about everything.

  2. Claire Hancock  

    I think Andrew O’Keefe was totally unprofessional and extremely rude, with him constantly interrupting and attacking the guests with whom he didn’t agree. Whilst I’m no fan of Mark Latham’s style of communication, Mark did have some very valid points to make, along with columnists Miranda Devine and Rory Gibson, that demonising men and segregating them from women was not the answer to the appalling violence in our society.

  3. N. Thomas  

    Andrew O’Keefe is an idiot. Everything is a joke to him. He is continually interrupting guests on the show pushing his opinion in our face. I am not a political person but he is clearly a Labour man as it comes over every week in all his discussions. I was never a Mark Latham supporter however since watching him on TV of late, he brings up some very good points, especially on todays show. Grow up Andrew O’Keefe and start acting like a professional host. I for one will not be watching weekend sunrise again while he is the host. Channel 10’s morning show is looking better and better every day.

    • Judy  

      I totally agree regarding Andrew O’keefe,he is an absolute idiot and an embarrassment to his employer. Mark Latham was very professional and showed amazing strength of character. O’keefe should be sacked immediately. Van is so bloody single minded, loud and rudely over bearing she should be banned from any TV debates.

  4. Tania  

    Andrew O’Keefe is so unprofessional. He should stick to Deal or no Deal. I refuse to watch Sunrise on the weekends because of his inappropriate and derogatory comments about some serious topics.

    • Helen  

      I wont even watch him host deal I cant stand hi

  5. Chris McMullin  

    Bravo Mike and Lyne, totally agree. I have been sick of Okeefe and his bombastic attitude for some time and have wondered when 7 will wake up to his divisive and egotistical manner. Ever watch the “Chase” and suffer his patronising comments on participants and THAT LAUGH !! Forced, fake and fatuous. As for Latham….the circus must be in town…

    • Dave Manks  

      I can’t stand okeefe on the chase the boofhead spoils the show

  6. Did you notice how O’Keefe folded his arms when the debate was getting heated with Mark,just shows his arrogance and attitude towards other people’s oppinions.

  7. arion andrews  

    as a survivor of domestic violence I can truly say people who have never experienced it are just talking through a hole in their head. If you really want to know ask those that do know and yes the ad presently on tv is letting people know that violence does begin with the child and if not stopped is allowed to grow into a violent adult. Look at it as it really is trying to make people aware

  8. Allan  

    Andrew Okeefe was absolutely out of line.

  9. Rikda  

    Staggering stupidity. What a brainless buttinsky.
    With all of Latham faults, he’s a social commentator with staunch views on everything he’s studied.
    That games show host is dumb beyond description.
    He was way out of his depth & never more have I seen the adage executed so accurately
    “Let people think you’re a fool, don’t open your mouth & prove it”
    He made a song of it.
    Well done Andrew. Now back to your crayons.

  10. I wish someone would stop and think about the overall effect these ads and debates have on children and then the flash of ads show violence whether it be to and from male or female. Kids don’t analyse and listen to messages they only see the violence and hear raised voices. These children will eventually copy these people (thinking it is normal behaviour) yelling, talking over each other, abuse etc. Come on people. Grow up, be mature and debate sensibly and STOP showing these ads of violence in prime time TV.

  11. roberta hiskins  

    So glad it is not just me who cannot stand Andrew O’keefe. Have always found him self opinionated, obviously to the left & making silly jokes about everything.

  12. Gary seen  

    Andrew when some body is invited onto “YOUR” show because it appears it’s all about “YOU” you must remember it is obviously to give their thoughts about a subject so stop being the little dick and have some manners .If you don’t approve be like the other people on the panel and listen have an opinion by all means but does not mean everybody is wrong and your right BUT I still think you are the rudest prick on tv ever and I do my protesting by not buying ANY product advertised on you show

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