Mariah Carey causes a stir with her latest bedroom selfie

Another day, another selfie for Mariah Carey who has uploaded what could be her most revealing selfies yet. Ever since

Another day, another selfie for Mariah Carey who has uploaded what could be her most revealing selfies yet.

Ever since hooking up with Australian billionaire James Packer, the 46-year-old singer has taken a shining to sharing photos of herself lounging around in nothing more than her underwear, but her latest instillment has some saying she’s taken it too far.

Mariah uploaded a series of pictures to her Instagram account, showing her posing on her bed in a lacy bra, fishnet tights and a red silk dressing gown.

Writing “vacation begins” on the photos, Mariah proudly showed off her figure.

#vacation begins 😘

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Greetings #Greece 😘

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The comments quickly came flooding in with people divided over whether or not it was even appropriate to put pictures like that online.

“She looks like a retired porn star,” wrote one angry commenter.

“I thought there were standards as to what you could put on social media. This looks like pornography. Think about your young children,” said another.

Goodnight 😘

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Others though though she looked great and praised her for being bold enough to take the pics.

“You look beautiful! 46 and still got it,” said one fan.

“Love how you just do what you want without caring about what people think,” said another.

She later uploaded a photo of herself and James cuddling up together.

#festive ! ❤️😘

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Do you think Mariah has taken it too far this time? Or is she just celebrating her body?

  1. Judith  

    The only words really that come to mind are ‘cheap, trashy and ugly’, and really not befitting the Packers. I’d grab that ring and run a mile if I was James Packer. I’m sure he must be confused as to whether he wants his lady love to show it all, but I’m sure many have seen it all before (and less), so what’s to lose.

    In closing though I remember in my mid-late teens, my father once said to me that a lady with any sense of class and self worth never had to show what was under her clothes. Her sense of style was obvious by what she wore and how she behaved. He said my mother was class, even in flannels on a wet weekend in Canberra. Tall and slim, she always reminded me of Katherine Hepburn in her baggy pants – amazing style, deportment and a beautiful lady.

    Clearly Mariah lacks all this.

    • Kerry c  

      Perhaps this is how James Packer likes her. He doesn’t look like he is complaining.

  2. YourFan  

    You go girl!
    Donna Summer couldn’t have sung it better and more truthfully.
    “Baby if you’ve got it, you have got to flaunt it now.”
    You look beautiful. Mostly, you look happy and healthy and THAT’S ALL that matters in life. The rest is gravy.
    She wants to show her assets to the world, it’s her business. The world doesn’t have to look.
    May she always shine within herself and in the eyes of her fans.
    ^5 Mariah

    • Logical thinking  

      Judith honey, aren’t you tired of hating people more successful than you? In tabloid more than you say your own name? Be less bitter, stir more sugar Aight?

  3. Southwestga80  

    Your fan, There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful, but that shouldn’t be necessary for her to post pictures of herself in lingerie on Instagram. Not hating but she doesn’t have to keep doing this by showing herself half-naked on there anyway. She is too old for this kind of thing and she has kids.

  4. Udee Brown  

    First of all, she doesn’t look happy, & second she looks trashy. She needs to keep her clothes on. At this age every one knows who she is.No need to go to these extreme. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, and wonderful super star singer and she sells music well. Not necessary. She can make headlines without exposing everything. She needs to Dress like the lady she is and not like a porn star. Very disappointed at her behavior. Hope she doesn’t let fame take over her common sense.

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  6. Liily  

    She is gross. This bobs are fake and disgusting she has had so much cosmetic surgery to her face, lypo..i mean she is a mess.

  7. Mariah is amazing and looks better than any woman that has posted something negative

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