Man comes up with ingenious way to peel an apple

Apparently there is more than one way to peel an apple – and this man has the answer! Somewhere in

Apparently there is more than one way to peel an apple – and this man has the answer!

Somewhere in the world, an inventive man has come up with a super fast way to peel an apple.

No longer will you have to slave away in the kitchen painstakingly peeling apples one by one, now there’s a speedy and perhaps slightly dangerous way to get the job done!

A video posted on social media shows a man standing over a sink with a huge drill and an apple.

He spikes the apple onto the end of the drill and holds the peeler up against it.

He then flicks the drill on and peels the entire apple in about one second!

The mystery man is not named in the video so there is no way of knowing who he is or where he is from.

The video has garnered lots of attention with people sending the man praise for his “genius mere male invention”.

And if nothing else, it has certainly given lots a good giggle.

Take a look for yourself! Warning: safety not guaranteed.

What do you think about this powerful peeler? Would you like to be able to get the job done this fast?

  1. Frances  

    Of course, only a dumb-a@&&ed male would think of that.
    Bee stupid, I’d call it.
    Just wait until someone drills off a finger or two, or into their hand or wrist. Who’s a smartie then?
    What if there’re children around? How hygienic is a drill bit?

    Plain dumb, & dumber.

    • Jessica  

      A Kenwood Potato Peeler Bowl is THE best to peel multiple spuds!

      Or else, hire an Army Cook!

  2. Mary  

    Better still my friend had her lawn mower adjusted so she could start it using a drill, not the pull cord.

  3. Claire Hancock  

    That’s a great idea as a prototype. I reckon there could be a market for commercial kitchens in particular, if someone came up with something like a bamix-type contraption with a blade that could be pushed into the apple to hold it, and then have the spinning shaft covered with a stationary protective sheath so that there is no danger from the peeler making contact with the spinning shaft.

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