Madonna shocks at the Met Gala with revealing outfit

She’s never been one to shy away from controversy and Madonna wasn’t afraid to let it all hang out –

She’s never been one to shy away from controversy and Madonna wasn’t afraid to let it all hang out – literally – as she hit the red carpet for the annual Met Gala in New York.

The 57-year-old was dressed head to toe by luxury designer Givenchy who dressed the singer specially for the occasion.

She used black tape to cover her nipples and wrapped long lines of it around her legs and bottom. She was cinched in at the waist with a corset and covered the lot with a sheer lace overlay.

The theme at the gala this year was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and while some have questioned how much her outfit relates to that it has certainly got people talking!

“I am the farthest thing from prude or ageist but no. This is wrong. Such a rich attractive and accomplished woman and this is what she wears on the red carpet. Who wears nipple tape out in public to be photographed at 57 years old and they are sober or sane at the time?” wrote one commenter.

“I’m off to go look at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly just so I can clear these images from my mind,” said another.

It wasn’t all bad though, with many people jumping to her defence.

“I love it be bold Madonna haters are going to hate,” wrote a supporter.

“She is who she is!!! Madonna’s always been exotic and an awesome artist. Why would this surprise anyone! Love it!!!!” said another fan.

What do you think about her outfit?

Is it over the top? Or, is it good to see her taking fashion risks?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Why should she change that is her ! Gosh she is an amazing women !

  2. Shelley  

    Just so unecessary! Not a classy look at all 😕

  3. Julie Appelgren  

    Leave her alone. She looks amazing , she’s the Madonna we’ve always known.
    Bold and beautiful. 💋

  4. jennifer willoughby  

    She needs to bloody grow up.

  5. Rob Ozanne  

    Love these pics blooming gorgeous

  6. Reen  

    Disgusting, we don’t need to see what see has. I know what she hasn’t got and that is pride.

  7. Kath Bowen  

    I am over Madonna, way way over.

  8. Mal Pace  

    Cher could carry the look as she has the looks and style….but not Madonna, yuk!

  9. Vicki Penniment  

    hmm not a fan of this. I think Madonna has a great figure, but this is not really flattering.

  10. Elaine Ott  

    Not even vaguely attractive. Amazing what aging stars will do for attention.

    • I whole-heartedly agree: “Amazing what aging stars will do for attention.” The tape does add an edgy look to an otherwise rather lovely but not madge bedroom ensemble, but this is not the place for it.

    • Carole Canterbury  

      She looks bloody awful. Time to act your age Madonna.

  11. Not appropriate for any age. Designers should be ashamed for even putting there name to trashy outfit. A prostitute would wear more than this number. Some stars never grow up and think that’s what is wanted to be seen and think they can get away with it

  12. Linley  

    Oh woman…act your bloody age !!!! You’re humiliating yourself

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