Madonna gets drastic surgery on area that 75 per cent of older women hate

When women get older, one of the first signs of ageing is in their hands. The veins started to rise

When women get older, one of the first signs of ageing is in their hands. The veins started to rise to the surface as the valves become weakened, and blood has nowhere to go. It seems Madonna was very concerned by this and has been spotted wearing gloves to cover up her hands for years.

But overnight, the pop singer has emerged with silky smooth hands, which look markedly different to a few weeks ago. While she is 57 years old and this information is publicly available, Madonna has shown she wants to feel good about her most disliked body feature to hide a natural sign of ageing. And why not?

The Mirror reports the “redermali­sation mesotherapy” sessions are around $500AUD each and involve micro-injections of amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen.

There is a gruesome side effect however: the hands come up in “micro-papules” which has led to the injections being dubbed bubble therapy.

A source said: “Madonna has always been conscious of her hands which have always been the only bit of her which give away her true age.

“Mesotherapy isn’t too painful but nor is it for the faint-hearted.

“She has to wear gloves for 36 hours afterwards because hands come up in unsightly ‘bubbles’ of air as the amino acids and hyaluronic acid do their worst. Within three sessions, though, her hands were looking much better. She’s thrilled with the results.

“She is now going out without gloves or mittens for the first time in years”.

In a recent survey of women, hands came top of a list of body parts women worry about, even beating grey hair and wrinkles.

A huge 75 per cent of women believe their hands show ageing the most, and 80 per cent of women say that they would notice if another woman’s hands looked elderly when they met her.

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