Love it! These millennials get a reality check about old age

When it comes to growing old they say it’s all a matter of mind over body – and it looks

When it comes to growing old they say it’s all a matter of mind over body – and it looks like these “old people” agree!

A video showing a group of young men and women talking about old age has seniors everywhere giggling as the young millenials claim 40 and 50 is old and do hilarious impressions of what they think these so-called oldies look like.

They huff and puff as they walk across the room bent over and hold their phones inches from their faces as they imitate sending a text message.

Next minute, the oldies enter the room and show them just what 60 and over looks like and their reactions are priceless.

The seniors and the young millennials, who are all in their 20s and 30s, are asked to teach each other something new and the results both touching and entertaining.

One senior woman tries to teach her young millenial how to do a yoga pose. She demonstrates first with amazing strength and balance before asking the young man to have a go.

Seconds later he is seen straining and struggling to stay balanced before the pair fall into a fit of laughter at his hopeless attempt.

A senior man teaches his millenial woman to salsa, while another gets a class in karate.

The video is part of a campaign to change the way people think about ageing and to teach people that it isn’t about declining – it’s about growing.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think!

What are your thoughts on growing old? Do you get happier with age, or did you prefer your younger years?

  1. Angie B  

    That’s funny. I do remember thinking 40 was old………… I am 68, I think 90 is getting on a bit! 🙂

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