Lisa Wilkinson outraged with the latest divorce trend

Lisa Wilkinson is not one to be afraid to speak her mind, and that’s why so many love her. On Thursday’s Today
Lisa Wilkinson is outraged with the latest divorce trend.

Lisa Wilkinson is not one to be afraid to speak her mind, and that’s why so many love her. On Thursday’s Today show’s during The Mixed Grill’ segment, they were discussing about an American couple who had separated amicably and actually celebrated the end of their marriage with a “divorce party”. In photos available online, the former lovers beamed for the camera, presumably joined by their friends and family.
Another image also saw the ex-wife posing next to a car which said in pink writing across the screen: ‘Just Divorced’.

Lisa Wilkinson disapproved of the American couple’s decision to hold a ‘divorce party’ together, saying: “I really value the institution of marriage.”
Lisa’s comments come after the journalist admitted to her own marriage struggles and husband Peter FitzSimons’ heavy drinking.

“If they’re happy [the American couple], it’s got to be a good thing,” Lisa said on the breakfast TV program.

“(But) I really value the institution of marriage. I hold it very dear.
“The fact that they kind of valued it so little that they can celebrate it in a way that’s kind of…” the 57-year-old added.

This month, Lisa revealed her marriage struggles with her journalist husband Peter FitzSimons, 55, and his former habit of heavy drinking, reports Daily Mail.
In a rare interview published in the December issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, the mother-of-three described the toll Peter’s drinking used to take on their relationship.
“He stopped caring when he had alcohol. He wouldn’t care too much what he’d say to me, he’d be careless he might upset me – and it actually takes a lot to upset me,” she said.

The article claimed that Lisa would often come home in the afternoon to find her husband sleeping off alcohol on the couch.
“He just wasn’t the man I married,’ she confessed of her husband, who has since cut out alcohol and lost a whopping 40kgs over a period of two years.
Lisa and Peter married in 1992 and have three children – daughter Billi, and two sons Jake and Louis.

Do you agree with Lisa? What are your views on celebrating divorce?

  1. Pearl Niu  

    Yes, I agree with her that the institution of marriage should be respected and valued. People who are having marriage troubles need to make an effort to work it out, not just walk away as though their marriage is unimportant.

  2. Greg Prosser  

    I saw a divorce party recently where 2 people of mature age and still very much in love found that due to the changes in pension laws coming in on 1/1/17 that for financial reasons they had no choice but to divorce. I am not sure that they will be the only ones.

  3. Grietje Young  

    I’ve been quietly celebrating my divorce for 40 years, and getting on with my life. Marriage is the major cause for divorce.

  4. Grahame Abrahams  

    I was divorced once and I can assure you it is NOT something to be celebrated. Yes some relationship do break down, but more to the point maybe they were never really suited to each other.
    But just because divorce happens, it is not something to be celebrated. How can you celebrate the pain it can cause to adult and especially children. Marriage can be fragile enough.
    That is why I am so against what the Gays are trying to do to it in their so called marriage equality. Our children are screwed up enough without adding to their problems.

  5. John Toohey  

    Yes, I believe in the word marriage, the word ‘marriage’ in a same sex marriage was wrongly chosen and if they want to commit to each other, it should be a commitment ceremony, NOT MARRIAGE. There is no way that 2 blokes can or 2 females for that matter can make babies.

    • Leo  

      Nor two elderly people. Should be a fertility test before marriage, hey John. What a silly argument you make.

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