Lisa Wilkinson gets brutally honest

When Lisa Wilkinson was on this morning’s The Today Show, she made a comment that sent s parents fuming. During the program’s Mixed

When Lisa Wilkinson was on this morning’s The Today Show, she made a comment that sent s parents fuming. During the program’s Mixed Grill segment with Karl Stefanovic, Wilkinson said parents who let their children have access to screens before they are five years old are “crazy” and that this lack of discipline will “come back to bite”.

Wilkinson said parents need to help themselves by limiting the amount of time they let their children spend in front of a screen.

“If as a parent you allow your children time in front of the screen … you give them iPads, you give them phones before the age of five … you are crazy,” Wilkinson said.

“Come back to me when they’re 14 and they’re completely and utterly addicted to their screens, they have no social skills, that’s when you’ll realise that what you did early has come back to bite you,” she said.

The comment comes after British child development expert and author Gillian Bridge earlier this week said tantrums during the “terrible twos” are caused by parents’ lax discipline and unrealistic expectations, rather than being an inevitable part of child development.

Ms Bridge said in her book, The Significance Delusion, the concept of the “terrible twos” does not exist in many parts of the world.
“We expect to take our children to an awful lot of places and get them to fit in with adult arenas which we wouldn’t have thought appropriate years ago,” she told UK newspaper The Times.
“Neither this phrase nor the concept exists in many parts of the world,” she said.

Wilkinson said Bridge’s comments were “rubbish” and said the “terrible twos” have been around “forever”.
“It’s that moment when a child realises that it has the power of saying no and it’s trying to find its own will and it’s own way in the world,” she said.

“It’s a really difficult time and as a parent you really have that sense, particularly with your first one of ‘Am I going to get this right?’ Because it’s so easy to lose your temper and it’s so easy to lose patience.”

Does Lisa have a point or is the expert correct in saying these things?

  1. i completly agree about people and kids on their phones and ipads and i pod

    • harley  

      Of course she does! The one with the sense out of that duo on the Today show! Karl’s a show pony and loose cannon. Lisa always has a balanced view!

  2. Suzanne Knott  

    When a child gets to the age that they are self aware (aka terrible twos), parents need to start right then making that child accountable for their behavior/decisions, etc. and teaching them right from wrong. Inappropriate behavior needs to be addressed as young as possible and have negative consequences. Closely follow your child’s behavior patterns as soon as they are born. I agree with Ms. Wilkinson about screen time – read to your child, take them on an outing to a museum/park/grocery store and teach them what things are and where there are people, teach them how to be courteous, especially to elderly and disabled people.

  3. Jean Wallace  

    Quite right. Disciplin needs to start from day one, routine, then guide lines(rules) as they get older and cosequence!

  4. Marcellus Calleja  

    Totally agree with Lisa. Parents who give their young children access to too much screen time will regret it in the long run.

  5. Margaret Cook  

    Children will start to learn from an earlier age than 2 how to manipulate with tantrums included on how to get their own way, & parents needs to set acceptable borders & stick to them. Too many parents couldn’t give a hoot & have no parenting skills. TV phones, tablets etc are something to keep the kids occupied without any effort from anyone.

  6. Linley Lisinski  

    So true Lisa iPads and iPhones are not the answer😬😬😬

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I totally agree with Lisa also. If children get to do what they want then trouble starts very early. It does all come back to bite the parents and then they have no control over the children. That is the reason WHY we have so many children or teens that have no respect for anyone and will never.

  8. June Walker  

    I agree with Lisa. I see these kids who can’t put their phones, iPads etc down. They walk around talking on phones, sending texts, looking at YouTube etc. they are like ZOMBIES.

  9. veronica cheeseman  

    I totally agree with Lisa this time. I have seen children at lunch with their iPads and they totally ignore everybody. Why are they there? They are not enjoying anyone’s company. They are addicted and that’s when the trouble starts. . My grown up children have wonderful social skills, are wonderful hostesses/hosts and that’s because they were bought up to eat and socialise with the family. And yes, “terrible twos” have been around forever as its part of finding out whose boss.

  10. Greg Hills  

    I agree with the expert. There is nothing wrong with kids having a tablet of some kind early on.
    Yes, limit their usage of it by having strict curfews of when they can have them. That teaches discipline.
    Computers are now a fact of everyday life and will be essential for these kids as learning tools at school and then actual tools at work later on.
    The earlier they can use them, the better equipped that the kids will be for adult life.

  11. Norma  

    Totally agree with Lisa when kids are on electronic devices you cannot get their attention, under five they learn social skills, are developing their motor & gross motor skills, the over activity of the use of iPads tablets etc cause symptoms similar to ADHD, behavioural problems lack of communication and the child ends up obsessed and wants nothing but their tablet, mums iPhone etc, I do believe that the use of electronic equipment should be parental controlled, as a grandmother I refuse to have any electronic around when my grandchildren visit, it’s outside playing, walking the dog, board games & cards, drawing & craft, why is it my 8 year old grandson has behavioural issues at home, is overactive with behavioural problems, due to being able to have the use of his tablet when ever he likes, but when at nana he is calm and you can communicate with him when he is not on these devices, I am computer savvy and yes I use a laptop & iPhone and iPad but like I Said I refuse to bring them out around the grandkids.

  12. Pamela  

    My children learnt what ‘no’ meant from the time they understood it and were always well behaved, with never having tantrums or whinging. They ate their food in one area of the home and washed afterwards. Raised with care of animals, they learnt responsibility and caring.

    Today’s parents in general haven’t a clue how to raise kids. Much proof is in the streets and gaols.

    • Totally agree with you Pamela. No meant NO! Food was eaten or there was nothing else, and it was eaten at the table. Very little to no TV – imagination and outdoors were utilised regularly! Animals were an integral part of learning responsibility and compassion. Learning to drive early, in a rural setting took away almost all of the euphoria and stupidity that so often accompanies the gaining of a license. Learning to be self reliant and think outside the box. When old enough they were given increasing responsibilities and the ultimate end result, although not perfect, is certainly very satisfying.

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