Kyle Sandilands thinks he’s pretty hot stuff, accuses Adele of being too fat

Radio host Kyle Sandilands is copping major backlash for his comments on women and for his rude remarks about singer

Radio host Kyle Sandilands is copping major backlash for his comments on women and for his rude remarks about singer Adele.

Kyle was on his radio show when he started talking about his ideal woman and despite tipping the scales at 138kg himself, he says he could never be with a woman who was heavier than 60kgs.

“I like the starving look… 60kgs is pushing it,” he told a caller.

He apparently didn’t see any problem with his comments and went on to make a series of offensive suggestions about Grammy-award winner Adele.

Kyle said he’d like to see Adele as a host on Channel Nine’s The Voice next year, but said “she’d have to sit at the Madden brothers’ seats” – insinuating she could not fit in the single-seat chairs used by the other solo judges.

He seems to have forgotten that earlier this year he slammed the media for “fat shaming” him, declaring he couldn’t stand people calling him a “fat sloth”.

Kyle, who is dating a 25-year-old model, has said he should be able to live his life without other people commenting on his body.

“I think if I’m bedding this hot 25-year-old, I’ve got a great job and you know there are plenty of chubby chasers out there – I’m thinking why am I busting my balls at some gym like some bloody flog looking at myself and me abs,” he said.

Apparently the concept of hypocrisy is lost on him…

What are your thoughts on Kyle Sandilands? Do you have any words of advice you’d like to say to him?

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    The 25 year old must have no taste at all apart from her taste in money and obviously has the eyesight of Stevie Wonder

    • Patsy Gleeson  

      Hahaa, love it Wayne, you sure hit the nail n the head there! 😂

    • Hey big fat ugly Kyle , the only reason you got this chick is because of your bank balance …. And who the hell are you to insult Adel ? She’s beautiful , but you soo dam ugly … I give you a few years with this chick …. And you know what ?? You are going to be one very sad lonely man in the future …. You are a sad case ….

  2. Well, where do I start ? Adel is not fat, she is just right !! If you were poor do you think a 25 year old would date you let alone sleep with you Kyle ?and get a mirror for your house, preferably a full length one. There may come a day when you get replaced from your job and a person with a kind personality / genuine and gentle will take over–the opposite of you.

  3. mary arnold  

    Wonder where the 25yr.old leaves her glasses…..never mind she just must like being seen with OLD chubby

  4. Elaine wyrill  

    It’s not for your good looks she loves you Kyle!

  5. Sharon  

    My advice for that fat airbag is, just put both feet in his mouth, and maybe if he looked as good and could sing like adele does, people that live in glass house’s etc

  6. What an idiot, and how rude. He should take a good look at himself. He is so arrogant and rude. I’m sure his “model” girlfriend isn’t after his beautiful body.

  7. Trevor  

    Imagine waking up to him beside you omg

  8. Angie B  

    Adele would be the perfect woman for many a ‘real’ man. Kyle, on the other hand, is no dream man for any sensible woman. His bimbo is only after one thing………..the almighty dollar!

  9. Dianne Evans  

    Gosh she is beautiful and has an amazing gift as if she would care what he said about her ! She is big star on the world stage he isn’t

  10. Sandra Workman  

    This creature is a danger to society, probably has Muslm attitudes to women also, he is a fat egostistical poor excuse for Human being, and his offsides apparently will accede to anything for fame and fortune. Wake up it’s your money, well prostitution lives.

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