Kerri-Anne Kennerley sizzles on the red carpet in tight dress

As one of Australia’s favourite television personalities, Kerri-Anne Kennerley is used to being in the spotlight, and she showed that

As one of Australia’s favourite television personalities, Kerri-Anne Kennerley is used to being in the spotlight, and she showed that she is more than comfortable with that last night.

Kerri-Anne was at the premier of the new movie ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ in Sydney where she hit the red carpet in a tight gold dress showing off her amazing figure.

At 62, Kerri-Anne gave the younger stars nearby a run for their money, clearly one of the best dressed there.

The premier was a star-studded affair with the Ab Fab queens themselves Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, the stars of ‘Love Child’, Today’s Richard Wilkins and plenty of others strutting their stuff.

It’s not always easy to find flattering clothes once you reach your 60s, with many women complaining shops don’t cater enough them.

It doesn’t look like Kerri-Anne is having any problems with that though, shimmering her way down the red carpet in her shiny gown.

The night of fun and laughs was certainly deserved after spending months in hospital by her husband John’s side after he suffered a fall at a golf course and injured his spine.

John had to have surgery on his neck and was bed ridden for months. Now he is making progress and was finally allowed to go home a few weeks ago.

With Kerri-Anne spending most of her time taking care of him around the clock, it’s nice to her taking a break and enjoying herself on a night out.

What do you think of Kerri-Anne’s dress? Do you love it, or would you give it a miss?

  1. Loretta  

    Kerryanne is so gorgous and down to earth. We need to see more of her back on tv.

  2. Kerry-Anne deserves a glamorous night out (and does she look hot!) after the trauma of her beloved husband’s unfortunate accident. I would love to know where she bought that dress – I want it!
    The up-do hairstyle is gorgeous on Kerry-Anne too. First time I’ve seen her with this up-do and it suits her pretty face.

  3. Jayne  

    Can’t understand why people ‘gush’ over her. I just can’t ‘take’ to her in any way whatsoever.

    The dress looks like it’s ‘gold coloured tin foil’, & bought from an op-shop. The chunky necklace doesn’t suit it at all, & the coloured clutch is just so wrong.
    For evening wear, enclosed shoes are correct, not open-toed sandals, disguised as shoes.

    Did she decide on her outfit herself, or does she have a ‘dresser’. If the latter, he, or she, should be sacked. Awfully bad choice of outfit, from head to toe!

    Doesn’t she know that BLACK clutch, shoes, necklace, & earrings would’ve been a much better colour co-ordinate with such a plain dress?

    • Anna  

      I think she looks gorgeous. Sour grapes on your part. You mightn’t think much of her but there is no need to rubbish her. Grow up!!!!

    • Firstly, no-one can give a toss whether you like Kerri-Anne or not.
      Secondly….it’s a great dress and she looks hot in it………Where’s a pic of yĆ²ur ugly melon.

      • Jayne  

        Typical male response. Can guess what YOU like!

      • Amelia  

        Hey, Guy, your first line’s wrong!
        YOU must ‘give a toss’ because YOU made a reply comment, to Jayne!
        You’re just a joke!

  4. Chris  

    I so agree with Jayne, looks like she has extra boobs, they are as saggy as mine but I’m not in the newspaper. To me she is so full of herself. Don’t understand all the fuss about her either and she has obviously had some work done her face is way to taut and shiny for me. By the way Anna we were asked for OUR opinion so we can be sour grapes and not grow up. Give the dress a miss and dress for your age Kerri Anne.

    • Jayne  

      Your comments appreciated, Chris.

      Sometimes just plain common sense is missing with some sheeple!

      Cheers to you!

  5. Cheryl woodthorpe  

    Love the dress . Where can I buy it ?!!

    • Georgie Girl  

      Next on the ‘nip & tuck’ list for KAK, should be the ‘knee job’.

      Or else she wears a dress length suitable to her age, AND saggy ‘double knee’s’!

      Not a pretty sight!

    • Jayne  

      Oh! Cheryl……apologies! My ITablet had a meltdown!
      From: Goergie Girl……..

  6. Nancy Brenton  

    Kerri certainly deserves a night out and so pleased she has John home BUT looks a bit of mutton dressed as lamb – very hard to disguise aging knees.

  7. Ursula  

    Warning! ! Warning!

    Wardrobe malfunction!

    She ‘appears’ to have an ‘extra’ boob on her R side!

  8. Sharnie  

    Was she a late invitee to the function, or did she forget it was on?

    Her complete outfit looks ‘thrown together at the last minute’, & nothing matches at all!
    She shouldn’t be trying to wear four different shades of the one colour, gold, & matching them, with a multi-coloured bag.
    Not suitable, & doesn’t look at all nice!

    BTW, she should wear dress lengths’ suitable to her ‘knobbly knees’, or have a ‘knee tuck’!

  9. Mata Tatira  

    Hold your head up high Kerri-Anne-Kennerley– you can wear an old sack down to your ankles and still come out looking like the stunner you are. You’re an amazing lady. Seems to me you’re the type of person who would wear exactly what she wants and to heck what anyone thinks—hats off to you KAK!! Some people are so nasty! But you know the saying “stick and stones……………….”!!!

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