Kerri-Anne Kennerley pays touching tribute to husband

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through so much in the past few months. This week however, the still very

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through so much in the past few months. This week however, the still very much in love couple marked a very special milestone, celebrating 32 wonderful years of marriage, as John continued to recover from a spinal cord injury in hospital.

Kerri-Anne celebrated the pair’s 32nd wedding anniversary by his bedside, posting a touching tribute to the man she loves so much.

“We have had a wonderful 32 years together,” she posted alongside a photo of both herself and John on Instagram. “Can’t wait until he comes home at the end of the year,” she says, referring to the time that her love is supposed to be allowed to leave the hospital.

The heartwarming image features a beaming Kerri-Anne leaning down over her bed-ridden husband. He is smiling from ear-to-ear, with a card resting on his chest that says “love you forever”.

We have had a wonderful 32 years together. Can’t wait until he comes home at the end of the year 💖

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In March, Kerri-Anne’s beloved fell and injured his neck, leading to hospitalisation and a dire prognosis. The 62-year-old has stood by his side since then, even when there was a time that she had to think about possibility of losing her husband as she knew him. Luckily, there’s been great news since, and it looks like John is even closer to going home.

Kerri-Anne has revealed to Woman’s Weekly that she is currently transforming their house and garden to make it wheelchair friendly in preparation for her 75-year-old husband’s homecoming at the end of the year.

How many years of marriage have you completed with your partner? Share your wishes with the happy couple below.

  1. Elizabeth Phillips  

    Hi Kerry Anne
    I would like to congratulate you & your husband on this wonderful milestone You obviously adore your husband the way you have stood by him which is fantastic My husband & I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow which in this day & age is a great achievement
    I wish both of you all the very best & many more wonderful years together

  2. Greg Donnan  

    All well and good but what about the many other people who don’t have a high public profile or are not wealthy,
    who go through the same thing. As much as it is sad that this has happened to them, I feel more for the ordinary people who struggle harder to survive this with no recognition or major support.

    • Marguerite Martin  

      Agree. Try losing your husband to massive brain damage after 23 years of marriage, never seeing that love in his eyes again, dealing with a hostile stranger for 3 years before quitting and raising four children on your own (youngest age 3), with no financial support. He still loves her, doesn’t matter if he ends up in a wheelchair. So much support, so much money…

    • Amanda  

      My thoughts exactly, Greg.

      He was Helicoptered from Coffs Harbour to the TOP Private Hospital in Sydney.
      His stay’s been how long, so far?
      He was then in ICU, there, for a lengthy time. Then moved to a Private Room.
      And, of course, they can afford Top Private Health cover, which most of Australians’ only dream about. Just look at the usage, & ‘waiting lists’, for Public Hospital care!

      House is being re-furbished.

      The above would be costs of mega 100’s of 1000’s of $$$$$$. This screams ‘MONEY’!

      Certainly NOT a scenario for Mr or Mrs Pensioner, or even, Average, Aussie.

      Talk about the ‘haves’! Unbelievable, & she’s constantly putting herself ‘out there’, instead of being private, as most of us would be. But we’re not on TV, are we?

  3. Diane Hann  

    Wonderful news. Di

    • SusieQ  

      It’s sad he’s going through all this , but they certainly never miss a photographic opportunity do they?Hair and makeup all perfect and cameras at the ready. Wish this publicity was directed to real people in need, not this narcissistic couple.

      • Danielle  

        Hear! Hear!
        Spot on, SusieQ!

        Sick of seeing KAK on every electronic device, magazine, & newspaper! Aaarrrrggghhh!

        She’s ‘milking’ his sad situation for all the money she can get.

        I think that’s disgusting, & very de-grading to her husband, whom she supposedly ‘adores’. Seems to be all about ‘her’………….

  4. Maureen Mccrystal  

    Sending very best w is he’s to you both, you are an inspiration , keep at it beautiful Lady , sometimes it seems very hard but we survive it all , we are looking forward to our 62 yr anniversaries next month, I couldn’t be without him , love and hugs to you both xxxxxxxxx

  5. Does she want more money for a story so she can flaunt herself on the red carpet?

    • Amy  

      Oh! Alan, ‘flaunts’ the right word!

      Those last two ‘dresses'(?) she wore were just plain disgusting!
      Her ‘whole’ ensemble was just crass, in every way. Nothing matched!
      She must be down to her ‘last’ million $, poor lamb!

      Who’s she trying to ‘attract’ now her husband’s not at her side?
      Bet she wouldn’t have worn THEM, if he had been!
      I believe he possibly would’ve told her to get into a ‘decent’ dress!

      I just cannot understand why people continue to ‘fawn’ constantly over her!
      She’s just a female on TV, nothing more.

  6. Olive McInnes  

    I cannot understand why anybody would want to be cruel. Tall poppy syndrome, I guess. Of course you are both amazing, wonderful people.

    • Alfred  

      …….but unlike probably 95% of this Country’s populace, have oodles of money to spend on THE very best of care!

  7. Shantaram  

    Some of the comments here sadden me – of course they are lucky to be available to afford the care he is getting, but that’s not the flippin’ point of this article! I think some of the contributors here are just a tad jealous to resort to such
    unpleasantness. Yes – tall poppy syndrome in operation – but it only reflects badly on the people who’ve made these comments. It’s terrific that John is recovering well, and that they have had 32 happy years together. Some of us don’t even get one, so happy anniversary to them! As for the trolls – get a life!

    • Manfred  

      Everybody, even you, is entitled to say what they think!
      ‘Free speech’ is still OK in Oz, as far as I’m aware……….

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