Kerri-Anne Kennerley feels ‘guilt’ about leaving her husband

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through a hellish few months. The former Middays and Mornings host has been by

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through a hellish few months. The former Middays and Mornings host has been by her beloved’s bedside since his tragic fall in March that rendered him catastrophically injured with spinal cord damage.

However,she was given his blessing for a leave pass to fly to US for the opportunity to interview Australian singer and one of KAK’s karaoke favourites, Rick Springfield.

While she’s always been a trooper who kept the show going, taking flight as a guest reporter for Seven’s Sunday Night now comes with some “guilt”.

With John in need of around-the-clock nursing, in Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital, Kerri-Anne entrusted the roster of daily visits, meal planning and DVD duties to his niece Zara, while she got her own well-earned respite of sorts — on overseas assignment.

The interview with the Jessie’s Girl hit maker explores Springfield’s own rollercoaster ride of life — from his eyebrow-raising relationship with a then 15-year-old actress, Linda Blair; his battle with depression; and the grief he still clearly suffers after saying goodbye to his Zoot bandmate, Darryl Cotton (who died of liver cancer in 2012).

Was anyone else #jessiesgirl"?! 🎧 Tune in tonight to @sundaynighton7 at 8pm to catch @rickspringfield 🎼

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“We saw him in New Orleans in concert. He was sick as a dog, talk about the show must go on…he had lost his voice by the end, but it didn’t stop everybody else singing all the songs for him while he was surfing the mosh pit, with all these baby boomers,” she said.

Leaving last week for London and Europe on two future stories, the 62-year-old had to make peace with her “new norm.”

“Not every day is a great day and there are times when you go ‘what the…what’s happened here?’ But at the end of the day, we’re all averages. I got breast cancer … but I handled that much better than John has this. This has been soul-destroying with John because I was lucky in a sense to get it early…and got better. This with John is never going to get any better. It will always be this way. At the same time, you’ve just got to just get on with it.”

In the midst of all her troubles, she’s still looking forward to the end of the year, when John is supposed to come home from the hospital.

Tell us, how do you feel about having to travel for work when your loved one is in hospital?

  1. Beverley davidson  

    For her own sanity, Kerry Ann must get on with her life and take a break. Take a weeks holiday every few months just to unwind. Even a work trip is a great idea. I wish you and John well.

  2. Every carer needs a break. I care 24/7for my husband who has Parkinsons. I can leave nim for a couple of hours but tne nights are not so good. I went on a cruise 2 yrs ago with my sister. He was better then and his brother came to stay . I am going on anotner cruise in February with my sister but this time he will be goi ng into respite care. He is not happy about it but with his condition and medication he needs it. So in answer to tne question although kerrie-anne may feel guilty like I do you have to take tne time or you’ll go mad,

    • Dorothy  

      ……..and then some, Alan!

      ‘Guilty’about leaving him, my foot! If it were true, she’d stay home!

      But, of course, being so wealthy, she can get carers’ in for John, whilst she swans off overseas to have a whoopee time, promoting HERself, to the nth degree!

      Her continuing to say she ‘loves him’, gets a bit thin, when she actually prefers being interviewed, or photo taken at latest ‘red carpet’ function, in the worst outfits ever!

      It always has, always will be, about HER!
      She’s getting as much PR mileage as she can, about her husband’s plight!
      Disgusting behaviour!

      • Lyn Phillips  

        Dorothy, the ONLY thing disgusting about this is your disgusting comments. Try walking in KAK’S shoes for a while and see how you feel then. No amount of wealth can replace the pain both she and John must be suffering, they have had a wonderful marriage full of love and no doubt she still loves him just the same. I’m guessing you have been fortunate enough not to have burden like this put on you or you would understand that Kerrie-Anne needs time for herself, otherwise she can’t continue to be there for John. She is feeling guilty enough as it is, though she shouldn’t so she doesn’t need to read your vile comments.

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