Judy Garland’s dark performance producers never wanted us to see

Just five years before she died, Judy Garland taped a beautiful performance that never made it to air. She was

Just five years before she died, Judy Garland taped a beautiful performance that never made it to air. She was exhausted, over-medicated and feeling dreadful, but it was one of the last glimpses of the beautiful star.

It was the night of the final taped episode of “The Judy Garland Show” in 1964. But unfortunately this performance of “By Myself” never made it to television as CBS producers cut it from the final broadcast because they said it was “too dark”.

According to Little Things, rumour has it that CBS was secretly trying to sabotage the show’s success, which ultimately led to its cancellation. Judy was forced to end the first season with ‘concert-style’ episodes and despite her heartbreak at the show’s cancellation, she delivered one of the greatest, most emotional performances of her entire career.

This rare video resurfaced on Reddit last week and has since gone viral. One reader aptly described the performance “like a light bulb right before it burns out”.

“As kind and supportive as CBS appeared to be when wooing Garland was as mean and vindictive as they became when it was clear Judy would never beat Bonanza. Instead of moving time-slots and giving the show a chance, as they did with many of Judy’s peers – particularly Danny Kaye – they unceremoniously cancelled the series – WHILE THE FIRST SEASON WAS STILL BEING TAPED!”, said the poster on Reddit.

“Judy Garland not only had to face the negativity of the CBS publicity machine working against her, she had to suffer the humiliation of finishing out her contract when she knew there would be no second season. Her dreams of stability shattered, and with only enough budget remaining for ‘concert-style’ shows, Judy kicked it up a notch and gave some of her finest, rawest performances in the final episodes.

“I’m sad for the circumstances surrounding The Judy Garland show, but it resulted in some of the best performances of Judy’s career and gives us and idea of how electric and amazing Judy was live”.

Have a watch of the video below and tell us, do you love Judy Garland?


  1. Penny Wright  

    Brilliant! She could light up the darkest corner. It is also a show of defiance that many women can relate to. Thank you for being you Judy..

  2. Lorraine Young  

    She was always a brilliant performer

  3. Vanessa Major  

    Sensational! What an entertainer!

  4. Gail Bennett  

    Thank you for that Judy Garland was a very lonely person. She had her own demons in her
    mind now we can get help poor Judy used pills and grog, she wanted to be loved by her
    Fans and she was. I have to say I have watched her movies all of my growing up years
    I loved her voice and always felt sad for her but she was a fighter and the beat female
    singer of her time and now. I loved Judy Garland and I thank you once again for making
    my day.
    Gail Bennett

  5. Pamela Dorman  

    Thanks, that just showed what a brilliant singer she was, sadly missed!

  6. Bron  

    The pain certainly shows in her eyes. My heart breaks for her and many like her who cry out for genuine
    love in a plastic world that celebrates shiny facades and pretense. Perhaps thing are better now that we recognise more of what is going on beneath the surface, but so often it’s too late – well after the commercial priests of display have squeezed the life out of these talented people to make a big buck.

  7. Paul simpson  

    She wasn’t the sad little figure that people think I have spoken to lots of people who knew her she was funny and vibrant and amazing as it seems had a very good and full life , but had the ability to make you feel all the emotions that most of us feel about her , she also had a way of getting who and what she wanted !! Her stage presence s secound to none .

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