Judith Durham has a new musical, and some choice words for popstars today

When her 1966 record Georgy Girl topped music charts across the world, Australian singer Judith Durham was launched to international fame. Almost 50 years

When her 1966 record Georgy Girl topped music charts across the world, Australian singer Judith Durham was launched to international fame. Almost 50 years on, a musical based on The Seekers is set to premiere, and Durham has shared her thoughts about modern popstars.

Georgy Girl: The Seekers Musical will chart the Aussie band’s epic rise to fame. The spotlight will be on Durham, who says despite global acclaim, she used to struggle with confidence. “I thought I was the only person in the world who felt like I did at that time”, the 72-year-old explained.

“Today there is so much more awareness of issues such as weight and self-image, and as I have matured in many ways — spiritually as well as physically, of course. I have become more appreciative of the universal messages of the lyrics I’ve been singing for 50 years”.

For years, Durham has suffered with a childhood disease of the lungs, known as bronchiectasis. In 1990, the singing star was involved in a major car accident, which caused a further brain haemorrhage just two years ago.

“I am totally blessed to be able to speak, given the brain haemorrhage”, Durham explains.  “I have to be careful how I ration myself out on a daily basis so I don’t blow a fuse, but the Lord has spared me to allow my life to continue to unfold and perhaps be an inspiration to other people”.

Speaking of inspiration, the Order of Australia winner believes that popstars today are selling themselves short. “I sort of feel sorry for people that have bought into thinking (sexualised performances) are necessary”, she told The Australian. 

“For example, Lady Gaga is an amazingly charismatic person and puts an enormous creativity in her music, but she’ll never know whether or not she needed the constant wardrobe changes”.

“I have been so boring with how I present myself, putting my hair to one side, singing the same way. Aren’t we lucky that whatever it was we did, which wasn’t contrived in any way, just connected with people?”

Do you remember when Georgy Girl was released? Do you believe that popstars today should take some lessons from musicians of previous decades?

  1. Totally agree with what Judit says – I cant even be bothered watching some of them because of their antics on stage so I really dont even know if they can actually perform. What an inspirational human being Judith is!

  2. The Seekers are one band that has lasted 50plus years ,, how many off the modern bands will last as long ,,, I have loved there music for as long i can remember,, Judith Durham has got lovely voice,, & the guys are great musicians as well and there harmony is top class,, plus i have there C D records,, one off there songs,, two summers,is a lovely ballad it brings back some off my past ,, & it brings a tear to the eye ,,,

    • Agree, all legendary stuff – but the Beatles haven’t performed for a very long time (obvious reasons) and neither have most other groups of the 60s, whereas the Seekers are still out and about and sounding great.

  3. You know….I am the BIGGEST Seekers fan. Had all their LPs and used to play them over and over and over. But the one song I could never take to was “Georgie Girl”. Isn’t that strange seeing that the rest of the world obviously loves/loved it.

      • Shirley Sanson  

        I don’t know how anyone could say they are not a fan they were a wonderful group and Juduths voice is so lovely and clear diction, they should have her as a judge because I wouldn’t give you a dollar for any of the judged they have today they don’t know what they are talking about they just want to see who can scream the loudest and I also have worked in the music industry.

    • Yes, oddly enough that was my feeling although as soon as I hear the words I start singing it in my head. Maybe if it had just been a song and not connected to the movie it would have been different. Maybe it was the sadness in part as other songs, particularly gospel, were rather uplifting. My kids said I Seekered them to death with playing the music so much but hey, they Disneyed me to death.

  4. She has a pure singing voice, so crystal clear, the singers these days put more emphasis on their antics and the revealing costumes, because they can’t really sing well.

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