Johnny Depp accused of domestic violence

Johnny Depp’s soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Heard has accused him of domestic violence, saying he hit her in the face with

Johnny Depp’s soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Heard has accused him of domestic violence, saying he hit her in the face with a phone.

Amber appeared in court overnight where she was granted a restraining order against Johnny, meaning he has to stay at least 100 metres away from her until their next court date.

There are reports the abuse was not “an isolated incident” but merely “the latest incident,” and that Amber has been psychically hurt by the Hollywood star before.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Amber told the court that Johnny was verbally and physically abusive during the relationship, blaming his problems to drugs and alcohol.

Amber produced these photos, showing her bruised face. Photo: TMZ
Amber produced these photos, showing her bruised face. Photo: TMZ

In the documents, Amber claims that during her birthday party last month, Johnny showed up “inebriated and high”.

She said he later threw a champagne bottle at the wall and a wine glass at her.

She claimed Johnny grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her onto the bed. She also says he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor.

The actress was pictured leaving court. Photo: TMZ
The actress was pictured leaving court. Photo: TMZ

While the allegations have shocked many, others say they are not surprised and that this is just the latest in a string of celebrity men who abuse their wives and girlfriends and get away with it.

Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Ozzy Osbourne and Ike Turner have all been accused of hitting and abusing their partners, yet they still get offered movie roles and recording contracts and paid millions of dollars.

There have been calls for big-named celebrities like this to face real consequences for their actions, with many saying it encourages other people to think they can get away with abuse too.

Johnny and Amber are due to face court again in late June.

What are your thoughts on this development? Do you think celebrities get away with too much? Are you surprised by the allegations against Johnny Depp?

  1. Heather  

    I am.shocked, cause of the roles he plays in children Movies. Potrails a different image to reality of the voilences of the man. Yes he should be made to take the results, like the average man.About time this came to light, so everyone knows.

  2. Judith  

    Why am I not surprised? He showed his arrogance with his contempt for our quarantine laws, and when he appeared on tv making sarcastic remarks about Barnaby Joyce he appeared to be completely stoned. Wondering who will get custody of the dogs – ha ha.

  3. He has been going down hill for years,people build them up till they think they are gods.such a shame to see them deteriorate into nasty idiots.soon America may have such a man as President!!!!!!

    • Glenice Thompson  

      Your comment about Johnny Depp was exactly right, every word you said, Robin Spillane.

  4. Lynn  

    I think she knew what she was letting go her self in for marrying a man twice her age. No excuse for violence though….just immaturity on her part . She got the notoriety and money that she wanted. it’s Hollywood, it’s America.

  5. Henry  

    It’s deserved bad karma for Johny Depp for impudent breach of our custom laws, for insulting the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia as an “inbred tomato” and for Johny’s alleged domestic violence. Yesireee, God acts in strange ways!

  6. Personally an this is only based on what I’ve read an seen of her but I think she instigates most of what she gets from her partners she has a big mouth and plays mind games and sometimes gets what’s she asks for . Having said that don’t by any means assume I condone a man hitting a woman or vice versa for that matter but u have to wonder why this ltitle twat who claims to be bi sexual married a man twice her age . Maybe stardom bcoz I haven’t seen her in many movie roles an quite possibly thort johnny would help this along

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