John Farnham says you’ll have to wait until he’s dead

He’s one of Australia’s most loved singers but if you ever wanted to get the low-down on John Farnham’s life

He’s one of Australia’s most loved singers but if you ever wanted to get the low-down on John Farnham’s life you’ll have to wait until his dead.

The 67-year-old singer, who still tours on occasion, told his long-time manager Glenn Wheatley that he doesn’t want people writing books or making shows about him.

“Can’t they wait until I’m gone?” John told his manager. “Tell them to do all that when I’m dead.”

John’s words come after it was revealed an unauthorised biography about him would be released soon, and there have been talks that a telemovie on the singer would be produced with television stations keen to capitalise on the success stories of INXS, Peter Allen and Molly Meldrum.

Wheatley says Whispering Jack has not supported the biography titled John Farnham — The Untold Story that was released by broadcaster and author Jane Gazzo in late-2015, and nor does he endorse author Jeff Apter’s book Playing to Win, due for release soon.

“He is not a big supporter of books and films coming out, which are essentially unauthorised,” Wheatley told the Herald Sun. “But there’s nothing he can do about it. There’s nothing we can do about it. He’s philosophical about it.”

Wheatley says John is a “very private person”, which is why he does not attend red carpet events anywhere.

When asked if a script or pitch for a Farnham biopic had crossed his desk, Wheatley smiled and responded, “There could have been.”

Who would you want to play John Farnham in a telemovie about the singer? What do you think about life stories told when the person is still alive?

  1. yvonne stengel  

    leave the bloke alone and let him have his privacy

  2. It shouldn’t be allowed. I know he is a public figure but he is entitled to his privacy

  3. Can just imagine the grin on his face when he said to wait until he is dead. Typical of his sense of humour. Aussie legand . Leave him alone.

  4. I’m actually the author of the upcoming John Farnham book Playing to Win. I believe that John’s fans, if they choose to read the book, will see that I wrote it with nothing but respect and admiration for his remarkable career — they’ll also learn that I used discretion. It’s not an invasion of his privacy, more a reflection on his life and work.

    • Barbara  

      You’re a mean man. Leave him alone

    • Ruby Tuesday  

      Hi Jeff. I will be reading the book.
      Loved your books about Johnny O’Keefe, Shirl from Skyhooks, Kasey Chambers, the Bee Gees…all of them well written, informative and unlike books by many other authors, free from malice. Hope you sell heaps!

      • Dear Ruby, Thanks so much. I really hope I capture the spirit of the man, as I tried to do with all my books.

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