Jane Fonda sparkles in gold and black kaftan and trousers ensemble

You’d barely know she was 60, let alone 78! Jane Fonda has stepped out in a very covered-up look for

You’d barely know she was 60, let alone 78! Jane Fonda has stepped out in a very covered-up look for a night on the town.

The ageless star was photographer wearing a black and gold kaftan to the 2016 Los Angeles Dinner: What You Do Matters in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

It was a different look to what we usually see Jane in, but we have to say, we’re loving it.

Jane wore the billowy black and gold-embroidered kaftan with black trousers, and paired it with diamond earrings and a new longer bob.

The Grace and Frankie actress attended the event alongside her partner Richard Perry.

The gold-embroidered tunic dress even matched perfectly with Richard’s tie.

Jane and Richard supported fellow actress Rosanna Arquette and her husband as they were honoured with the National Leadership Award as a recognition for their efforts to preserve the history of the Holocaust while educating younger generations both in America and globally.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Jane said, ‘You could not pay me to be young again. I don’t care how much money I was offered, I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t like being young at all. I actually felt I started to get old at seven. By the time I was 20, I hated how old I was then. At 30, I was ancient, I saw no future for myself.

‘At 49, I said, “I’m going down a dark hole, I can’t be creative any more,” and I quit acting for almost 16 years. I was just so old… Then, after I turned 60, I began to understand who I was, and I became young again. Now I’m in sight of my 80th birthday and feeling pretty good about life!’

We love her attitude!

Take a look at the pics of her night out and tell us, would you wear something like this?



    • Hi Graham,
      Absolutely agree with you. If her name hadn’t been Fonda, and the family hadn’t been so rich and powerful, she would have probably been put up against a wall and shot for treason, like any other traitor.

  1. i dont dress up , only if going somewhere special. i live in tights and topd. i dress for comfort. i dont care what others think.

  2. She is amazing and I love that she came alive again and chose to re image herself as ” young” when she turned 60! That’s the way to go!

  3. She looks great….but why wouldn’t she???? Plenty of $$$ …cosmetic surgery etc….good for her if that’s what she wants to do….personally I like bold colours and good style, but am not obsessed …. Dress for myself….if I want a PJ day will have…..don’t have to worry about being famous and under constant scrutiny….she must be exhausted….poor thing…

    • Joan Marshall  

      In reply to your comment and to make this world a better place to live. Jane Fonda with all her dollars need not bother to look good apart from affording it to look great obviously she has a sense of pride to look after self and if more women had a sense of pride in themselves they would not waste time saying she can afford it. I have come across women who have the money to look good and do not bother.

  4. She has had a lot of cosmetic surgery, compare Fonda with any 78 year old Australian woman who has not had surgery and you will see a huge difference, I prefer our Aussie women who look natural

  5. I love colours and clothes that make me happy, however I am aware of what I wear out, since young Mum always gave us a sense of dressing for the occasion. I think at our age over the 60’s we have earned it, I don’t think we need permission to feel happy.

  6. She’s not ageless at all! She’s rich and uses plastic surgery as a way to try to avoid ageing!

  7. Why shouldnt she have whatever surgery she feels she needs its her choice and she is in the public eye i would do the same thing if i was photographed all the time

    • If your job was in front of the cameras you may turn to cosmetic surgery I can understand that. Otherwise, no.

  8. I agree she looks fabulous but she has had cosmetic surgery! Also she can afford to pay for beautiful clothes. The cosmetic surgery she has had is well done because the doesn’t look grotesque like some.

    • We don’t see her when she gets out of bed, that’s when we all look our best ? 😀😀😀

    • Certainly not me! You are right she is probably “styled” for hours before appearing in public.

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