James Packer and Mariah Carey’s wedding could be ‘indefinitely’ on hold

When James Packer and Mariah Carey announced their engagement in January, opinions within the Starts at 60 community ranged from

When James Packer and Mariah Carey announced their engagement in January, opinions within the Starts at 60 community ranged from pure delight to cynicism to outright indifference.

Whatever your hopes or fears for the couple – if, indeed, you feel invested in this at all – it seems they may not come to pass.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Private Sydney column, which cheekily tiptoes around the facts with sly suggestions, there are rumours the couple’s engagement has been postponed “indefinitely” while Mariah goes on tour.

Rumour has it that one concern may lie with family matriarch Ros Packer.

The gossip column quoted a long-term family friend, who suggested that despite her public support for the marriage, there may be concerns with James’s mother’s approval.

“Ros is a woman raised in the country with very traditional values who has maintained a dignified silence for all the years she and Kerry were in the spotlight,” said the source. “Mariah is all bells, whistles and flashbulbs … they are very different women”.

Rumours also suggest some complications within the close-knit Packer family about the guest list, which is currently rumoured to comprise of just 50 people, mostly from the couple’s Hollywood circles. James’s sister, nephews and nieces are reportedly not planning to attend.

Other alleged sources of conflict include James’s smoking habits and their respective busy schedules.

Do you support this prolific celebrity couple? How much stock do you put in “inside source” rumours like this? How do you feel about the idea that this wedding could be old hold?

  1. Jan Foley  

    I predict it will fizzle out. They look awkward together. She is too glitzy and will get bored with him and he is a boring conservative businessman. Chalk and cheese really.

  2. Irene Langdon  

    Yes, why not. If Murdoch and Gerry Hall overcame age, then James And Mariah will make a fascinating couple for As Long it lasts.

    • Jocelyn Smith  

      What are you talking about Irene.There’s not much of an age difference!

  3. facebook_elda.quinton  

    Well, you know what he’s thinking with and it’s not his brain. That woman will never, ever fit into Australia.

  4. Maz  

    What they do. How they do it. Where they go. What individual work & travel is involved. Who Where What is their choice for Wedding is “Entirely THEIR BUSINESS” .nobody else’s. .not even Rod’s. . Good luck James & Mariah…have fun. Naysayers & ring ins don’t count. Not the equation in Anyone’s life.

  5. Jeannette  

    This will be his third wedding -two previous ones failed !! So – what does Mariah have that the other two didn’t have? – Marriage is supposed to be a Commitment – Sacred treated with respect – he has shown none of this – so far – he appears to treat it all like a game – he buys and sells his casino’s if they don’t work he just sells and moves on to another- he is learning nothing from each experience. The other lady I thing was right they are like chalk and cheese – she a showgirl him a business tycoon =- when the honeymoon period is over what will they be left with. Sadly not much I think.!

  6. brigitte gilbert  

    I started laughing the very first time I saw them together, and I still am! How can anyone in their right mind think that this could work? Maybe a couple of months, if that. This will fizzle out before the wedding. They have nothing in common, different agendas and lengthy separations. Let’s just wait and see, I’m ready for a surprise!

    • sonn  

      Why don’t people mind there own business hes obvious in love and so is she just leave them alone .Just look at what Asian woman they go for what ever they can young and old.

  7. If they are happy wish them luck,there is so much violence &sadness in this world so if it doesn’t last who cares

  8. They just don’t look “right” together. If it works then good luck to them, but I have doubts. Two marriages already…hm. Not a good track record, Jamie mate. However, I am pleased to see that he has trimmed all that excess weight off. He was heading for a heart attack previously.

  9. She’s marrying him for money she didn’t wait to long before she hooked up with him

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