Ian Thorpe and Lee Lin Chin star in foul-mouthed Olympics ad

Lee Lin Chin is known for her quirky style and sense of humour and now she’s roped swimming champion Ian

Lee Lin Chin is known for her quirky style and sense of humour and now she’s roped swimming champion Ian Thorpe into the mix as the two star in a hilarious new ad for the Rio Olympics.

The ad features iconic Aussie scenes, with the pair shown down at the beach asking people to get involved in the upcoming Games.

In the one-minute clip, Ian is seen bursting through a life-size poster of himself much to the surprise of a young boy standing on the other side.

“Who are you?” he asks.

“I’m Ian Thorpe,” replies the swimmer.

“f%#!” says the boy, who is censored with a ‘bleep’ and a graphic over his mouth.

The whole thing is very cheeky and funny with Ian seeming to have no problem mixing things up in front of the camera.

Lee Lin makes an appearance about half-way through where she calls on people to throw their support behind the Australian athletes – “If you don’t you’ll be tried to treason, you pathetic traitor”, she says.

Ian is heading to Rio with the swim team this year to mentor them and help them stay focussed and calm in the lead up to their races.

As a five time Olympic gold medalist, he is more than qualified to offer a helping hand and seems to be relishing in the opportunity to help out and give back to the younger athletes.

Take a look at the ad below and tell us what you think! Did it give you a good little laugh first things this morning?

Do you think Ian Thorpe is a good role model for our young athletes? Will you be watching the Olympics this year?

  1. mary arnold  

    Not at all funny.

    • I think think this ad is great. ..gets the point across clearly and I love Ian..i definitely will be getting behind our athletes. And yes Ian will be a great role model for the younger and less experienced Olympic competitors.
      Can’t wait to see the ad on Tv. 😎

  2. Deborah Williams  

    How is that funny. I am still waiting to laugh.

  3. Erica Brooks  

    We must not forget to be light hearted.It is enthusiastic and happy. A change from all the dramas in the world. Good to see Ian Thorpe comfortable with himself too. Go the Olympics!

  4. Wendy Peters  

    Ridiculous….makes us looks like idiots

  5. Oh come on everyone, it’s all tongue in cheek..
    Have we forgotten to see the funny side of everything????
    Where’s the Aussie spirit..
    Silly it may be ,but get with the spirit and send messages to our girls and boys ,wishing them the best of luck against the other competitors and the Zika virus…😀👍😳

  6. I think Lee Lin was the wrong person for this ad. Ruins her beautiful squeaky clean image.

  7. Meryl  

    It’s stupid and the comment by Lee Lin Chin at the end doesn’t even make sense in the context of the ad. Why do they have to dumb down Australia.

  8. Anne Lewington  

    No score did not touch the blocks at all.😩

  9. Jane  

    I think its a tongue in cheek ad and not meant to be taken in any way seriously. Its people laughing at themselves which may be a good idea for everyone else to develop.

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