Hilarious Beyonce parody made for the over 60s will have you in stitches

It’s not too often these days you get to see baby boomers taking the world by storm with a smash

It’s not too often these days you get to see baby boomers taking the world by storm with a smash hit song, but that’s exactly what is happening with this amazing parody video.

Beyonce’s massive female anthem ‘All The Single Ladies’ has been reworked for over 60s into the hilarious and catchy ‘All The Wrinkle Ladies’.

The song and video was created by baby boomer Anita Rendroe about five years ago, but has recently been rediscovered and is taking on a life of it’s own.

The lyrics to the song have had women (and men) all over the world in stitches as they poke fun at wrinkly body parts and having to wear spanx to hold it all in.

In the video, the ladies shimmy and shake around together and manage to pull of some off Beyonce’s notoriously difficult dance moves.

Some of the best lyrics in the song include:

“I got lines on my lips, Spanx on my hips

and a jar of under eye cream.

I’m acting up, in my underwire cup

And I don’t care what my kids think!

I need no permission, did I mention

it’s too late for wrinkle prevention!”

With such a huge reaction around the world, we have to ask: isn’t it about time we had a song like this?

Whoever said over 60s don’t know how to have fun sure hasn’t met these ladies (or SAS readers)!

Take a look at the video and share if it puts a smile on your face!

All The Wrinkled Ladies from nicole carpenter on Vimeo.

  1. Cheryl  

    I’m 60 but
    I’m not getting older ,I’m just getting better!!!! You go girls!!!!!”

  2. Ria Hannam  

    My skin specialist said the only way to get rid of wrinkles us go put acid on them….
    Loved the video but was waiting for the Toosh shake.

  3. Rosslyn Cane  

    love it ..you go girls …GIRL POWER

  4. Anna-Maria  

    Love it, you are doing great girls. I am 73 and enjoy doing Zumba, keeps me young.

  5. Annette Henneman  

    Love it, reminds me of when I dance around doing my housework wrinkles & all 👌😂😂

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