He’s home! Kerri-Anne Kennerley shares happy moment with husband John

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through what can only be described as a living hell these past

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John have been through what can only be described as a living hell these past few months.

In March, Kerri-Anne’s beloved partner fell and injured his neck, leading to hospitalisation and a dire prognosis. Luckily, there’s been great news in the last few weeks and it looks like John even closer to going home.

Overnight Kerri-Anne has posted a photo on Instagram of the pair smiling at the camera, with the caption: “A quick trip back home to test out ramps and all that fun. Cannot wait to have John home again, only a couple more months to go.”

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It’s wonderful news because only a couple of months ago Kerri-Anne feared the worst.

In April, the former TV host told Seven’s Sunday Night that “My life as I knew it was over”.

The 62-year-old had a well-earned break from the hospital to visit New Orleans last week. She posted a picture of herself in New Orleans, captioning the image: “Visiting the superdome which homed thousands during the devastating Hurricane Katrina.”

However Kerri-Anne felt bittersweet about leaving: “Already missing John as I fly off but he is working hard in rehab and is in fabulous hands at the Prince of Wales hospital”.

The former talk show host spoke to the Women’s Weekly recently and said when doctors removed John’s resuscitation tube, enabling him to breathe by himself, it was a moment of huge relief.

Before then, Kerri-Anne had to think about possibility of losing her husband as she knew him.

‘That was the moment when I felt he’d really come back to me’, she said.

His first words after the accident were so sweet: “He said ‘I love you’ which, of course, I will always treasure”.


Tell us, have you had to become the carer for your partner?

  1. Trish Daniel  

    So happy all is going well for you both I also have a very loving husband and life without them I couldn’t imagine you have been very strong John is very lucky to have you, I wish you nothing but all good things for you in the future xxxx

  2. Anne Keogh-Casey  

    Best of luck and best wishes. Your love and commitment for each other will be rewarded from heaven above. Lots of love and hugs.

  3. Anne Keogh-Casey  

    Best of luck and best wishes. Your love and commitment for each other will be rewarded from heaven above. Lots of love and hugs.

  4. June  

    Another big step forward, for John and yourself, hope hi is home soon.
    Your lives will be different, but you are good at challenges Kerry, think about it like that.

  5. Leanne Wilkinson  

    Wishing you and John all the best Kerri- Anne you are such an inspiring couple and I wish you every happiness.

  6. Equus  

    Being an extremely wealthy couple, with no kids’, he was afforded THE best of care, in every way, from helicopter flight, to ICU, Physio etc etc etc., in one of the best Private Hospital’s in this Country.
    So positive results would’ve been expected.

    It the person injured had been Mr Suburban Aussie, unable to pay Private Health Care, let alone Top Hospital coverage, the result would be SO different, like chalk, & cheese!
    Talk about the haves’, & have-nots’.

    It also proves sometimes the simplest of falls, are the worst.
    When falling, one should ‘relax’ as much as possible, as the saying goes, ‘be a sack o’ spuds’, don’t tense up, as this is how the damage is caused.
    And I’m talking a fall like John’s, not falling down a 100′ waterfall.

    One hopes he continues to improve, at home, which has already been refurbished, to suit his needs.
    Really a lucky man!

    • Prince of Wales has a perfectly good reputation for “bringing back” patients with spinal injury. I’m talking about the public hospital. Also the provision of ramps & access needs is available under community health. The fact that John has the wealth to pay for his care is great, but don’t worry people needlessly by implying they won’t get help if they haven’t please. Other public hospitals also have excellent facilities including RNSH

  7. julie  

    Im full time carer for my husband since he had major back surgery last year, I wouldnt have it any other way, he is the love of my life, id do anything for him

  8. Cecily  

    I am well, & truly ‘fed-up’ with having her picture, & an attached ‘sob story’ constantly being in the media!

    There’re many 1000’s of non-wealthy, worse off people in this Country than them!
    Anything for MORE money, & she likes to ‘be seen!’, CONSTANTLY!
    She’s so ‘full of herself’, & is using John’s plight to further her career.

    Of course, we ALL love our spouses’. She’s no different to millions’ of Aussies’, but I don’t need to be reminded that she does, each, & every week, ad infinitum!
    It’s reached a point of my being bored beyond belief with her ‘story”.
    I’m getting very good at the ‘rolled eyes’ action, as soon as I see her pictured ANYWHERE!

    All this current ‘adoration’ of entertainment persons’ is beyond the pale!
    Too many folk have little in their lives’, which make them fulfilling, to have to be ‘drip-fed’ about so-called ‘celebrities’.
    She’s on tv, so what! Big whoop!

    Isn’t there anything more newsworthy to report than her?

  9. Marguerite  

    One learns how to ‘fall’ properly, as part, & parcel to learning how to ride a horse.

    The ‘trick’ is, as I was taught originally, back decades’ ago, & I’ve applied that principle ever since, is to ‘become a bag of spuds’, & COMPLETELY relax your body. You’ve got to ‘train’ yourself, mentally, to do this as you usually only have a nano-second to react.

    It’s when people who are ‘falling’, TENSE UP, that the damage is done, 99% of the time.

    I’ve had some pretty monumental falls’ off horses’,, as well as tripping up, or slipping down stairs’, (& no, I don’t ‘drink’), in which NO injury has been sustained, thankfully.

    To fall from a short height, & sustain life-changing, or even fatal injuries, is just a terrible circumstance.

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