Here’s how Hugh Jackman prepares for a big show – and it’s lovely, of course

Most actors and performers have their pre-show ritual, be it a vocal warm up, a quiet meditation or a stiff drink.

Most actors and performers have their pre-show ritual, be it a vocal warm up, a quiet meditation or a stiff drink.

And when a superstar has a pre-show ritual, only a fool would get in its way. Apparently, Keith Richards has to have a fresh-baked shepherd’s pie before every show, while Leonard Cohen has his company sin, “Pauper sum ego, nihil habeo” before every show, which translates to “I am poor, I have nothing.”

For Aussie hero Hugh Jackman the pre-show ritual is something everyone can enjoy. The film and stage star shared this picture on Instagram giving away his quirky superstition:

One of my favorite traditions is handing out scratch tickets to the cast and crew. Maybe this is THE golden one!?

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Yep, that’s a scratchie. The Hollywood A-lister shares our national love for a $2 scratchie, handing them out to cast and crew before every show. Never mind the fact that Hugh Jackman probably wouldn’t notice a spare $50,000, knowing him he would probably donate it to charity anyway.

Judging by the comments, this is a tradition Hugh has carried on for a number of years. One commenter writes, “You did that every Friday on Real Steel and it was so cool and kind of you!”

Hugh shared the picture just a couple of days ago backstage at his show Broadway to Oz  in Perth, which wraps up tonight, the Daily Mail reports.

Do you love a scratchie? What do you think of Hugh Jackman hadning them


  1. What a good Aussie! In Adelaide went to a local beach, ate at Cafe Primo ( not an expensive exclusive restaurant) went to zoo and was kind nice and inclusive of everyone! Some so called stars can learn a lot about humility from him!!!!

  2. We should all be proud of Hugh Jackman in a world of excess and no talent posers, he is not only extremeley talented he is also modest and kind and a great advertisement for Australia. His wife Deborah is also an Aussie to be proud of, totally natural and unassuming!!

  3. Talented, handsome and most importantly a lovely human being. Saw his show in Sydney and it was probably the best show I have ever seen. Love him to bits.

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