Helen Mirren steps out in nanna outfit complete with cardie

It’s not often we see Helen Mirren dressed in a demure outfit. We’ve learnt to love her bright, bold ensembles, with her

It’s not often we see Helen Mirren dressed in a demure outfit. We’ve learnt to love her bright, bold ensembles, with her cleavage sometimes on display. But overnight the Dame has stepped out in a very pretty dress with a pink cardie!

We have to say we quite like this different look for Helen, who accessorised the outfit with green strappy heels and a white shawl.

She was looking very ladylike in the floral dress at the Museum of Modern Art Party in New York City, which she attended with her husband of nearly 20 years, film director and producer Taylor Hackford.

The spring frock had falling blue and lavender flowers and petals on it, and it worked well with the cardigan she chose.

The event was held in the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, and supported MOMA’s award-winning educational programs and the care, study, and exhibition of the collection.

Take a look at the pics of Helen and tell us: do you like her look, or do you prefer the racy outfits?

  1. Heather A  

    She looks great. White or pink shoes would have been nicer though

  2. Liz Gray  

    I think she looks fantastic. The colour absolutely suits her to a tea. Good on her

  3. Pat  

    What’s with the nanna outfit headline. Then it’s referred to as a demure look for her. Nothing nanna about that outfit. She looks lovely. And once again women are stereotyped. Why does there have to be a name for every outfit every age just for women. Why does her cleavage have to be mentioned EVER.
    She looks fabulous and good on her. She has looked after herself and she is reaping the rewards. We could all take a leaf out of her book

    • Kathy T  

      Thanks Pat for writing my thought I am so sick of this nasty journalism. As you say nothing Nanna about that outfit. Sensationalism is a poor way to attract attentio. Thought over 60 would be above that type of writing, clearly not.

  4. Sue  

    Absolutely beautiful! Great taste always. 🙂

  5. paceyra  

    I don’t think she’s looking like a nana. She looks like she’s going to the Palace for a tea party with the Queen….. Only minus a hat. And… Me thinks it’s not a cheap cardi too !!! And with a body like hers… Yes… I agree … She’d look stunning in anything as she surely does in this outfit. Thanks for letting us have a say !!!!!

  6. Anna  

    I absolutely love that outfit she looks great, love her shoes also.

  7. Lorraine Richardson  

    As always the lady she looks beautiful

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Helen Mirren looks great in anything. I love her style !!

  9. Andrea Taylor  

    Helen looks great in anything she wears, she is 3 years older than I and looks about 10 years younger, love the dress % and long cardie

  10. Colleen McGrath  

    Nanna outfit!!! Everything about that statement is WRONG! Helen looks amazing, as usual.

  11. If my nanna had looked like this, would have been totally happy. Nothing nanna about this dress/shoes. I think she was dressed appropriately for the function she attended.

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