Helen Mirren speaks out about her famous bikini photo

Helen Mirren was applauded by fans around the world when pictures emerged of her in red bikini while on holiday

Helen Mirren was applauded by fans around the world when pictures emerged of her in red bikini while on holiday in Italy in 2008.

The photos catapulted her to a new level of fame as woman around the world turned to her for inspiration for a healthy body type.

Now, with her blessing, Helen’s nephew Simon has spoken out about the photos and said his aunt was offered millions of dollars to become the face of bikini brands and campaigns.

Simon said he begged his aunt to take the deal but she repeatedly refused, saying she was embarrassed by the photos.

Helen bikini

“I begged her to turn us all into millionaires by marketing bikinis after everyone went wild over her fit bikini body but she said: ‘Absolutely no’. She’s not interested. She won’t brand herself like that,” he told The Times.

Helen herself said she was “haunted” by the photos and wished they had never made it into the public eye.

“I think the thing that will haunt me for the rest of my life is that bloody photograph of myself in a bikini,” she said.

“In and of itself, it is a lie because I don’t actually look like that and I know that that is going to haunt me forever and I’ll be forever trying to bury it unsuccessfully.”

Many women around the world applauded the star when the photos came to light. It’s not often that older women are praised for their bodies, despite the face they are just as deserving as their younger counterparts.

It was a breath of fresh air to see a confident older woman set an example for a happy and healthy body and give some inspiration to the older generation, who are so often overlooked in this area.

What do you think about Helen’s bikini photos? Are youย inspired by Helen Mirren?

  1. Helen you are lovely. My sister and I are in our sixties and we look pretty good. Enjoy it.

  2. Lovely lady understand you wanting to keep more private and not have photo’s splashed everywhere, however now it has just to say you look beautiful. Amazing

  3. You forget she has never had a couple of children ( or more) which has a big affect on your body & has had the time & money to just concentrate on herself, don’t understand why we keep having these articles about celebrities & how they look, what is the message you are trying to send to the average woman over 60? Is it that this is the example we should be trying to aim for?

    • I know I am a mere male Lyn but what is the big deal about this woman ?, this website seems obsessed with her. There are plenty of lovely Aussie women who are over 60, who are totally natural, why are we not seeing them?

    • Totally agree David, & rather than concentrating on the looks all the time I’d rather see average Auzzies women that are achieving something worthwhile in their senior years.

    • it’s true just makes all the “ordinary” woman feel like monsters, and as though we could and should look like that. It’s true she looks good for her age, but if she ever doesnt she will be picked to pieces for letting herself go what i nightmare celebrities lives are i dont envy them.

    • I am with you on this Lyn, I would far prefer to see a ordinary Aussie highlighted in these articles. I can’t relate to these Movie Stars , they have such a different lifestyle to us

    • Not Jealous David Camp just fed up seeing her. I’m sure they could find someone else to put on the over 60s

    • David James …โ€ฆ.agreed . And there are some stunners here in NZ as well ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. What does she mean she “does not look like that”? Is she talking about her own self image or is the picture in fact photo -shopped?

  5. Dianne Evans  

    She has said she does not look like that! So it is not her fault if they made her look better and she could have made money and said nothing she is a good women!

  6. I think she is so down to earth, who wouldn’t like her. She is such a talented actress

  7. we all aspire to look as good as we can. I have no intention of growing old gracefully, I am out every week with my girlfriends until about 2.30am, dancing and sipping wine!! lol My daughter, who is 42, says she can’t keep up with me lol

  8. She can put that red bikini in my washing machine anytime

    • I’m curious , why your washing machine ?
      Is that after you’ve picked it up from the hallway floor ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Yep I just thought it was a bit better saying that that putting her shoes under the bed ,

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