Helen Mirren causes a stir in fur

After flying for several hours Dame Helen Mirren caused somewhat of a stir strolling through London’s Heathrow airport wearing a

After flying for several hours Dame Helen Mirren caused somewhat of a stir strolling through London’s Heathrow airport wearing a grey fur stole.

Having returned from New York, where she is filming Collateral Beauty alongside a star-studded cast that includes Kate Winslet, Kiera Knightly and Will Smith, the 70-year-old Dame Helen is usually applauded for her seemingly effortless style.

But it seems her choice of fur has left some fans disappointed.

“Very disappointing if the fur she is wearing is not fake,” was one of the kinder comments about Dame Helen’s stole.

“Thank you Helen Mirren for letting us all know what a nasty cynical fur hag you are. And guess what,that fur didn’t make you much pretty or chic — just the opposite. Im no longer a fan of yours!” said another.

It’s not the first time Dame Helen has slung a fur stole over her shoulders. In January, the Oscar and Golden Globe winning star used it as her ‘statement piece’, and in the movie Red there is one scene where the actress and a fur coat particularly stand out.

The actress has stepped numerous times wearing all different kinds of fur. It’s not known whether they are real or fake though.

When it comes to fur, everyone seems to have an opinion.

What do you think? Should Dame Helen have to defend her decision to wear fur?

  1. For goodness sake there are more important issues going on in the world than to worry about Dame Helen’s furs. Fake or real she didn’t go out hunting them herself Get a life

    • Elaine Radway  

      Umm….. so you don’t think that animal cruelty is not a big issue then? Go Google the subject and you will see the horendous pain and suffering inflicted on all kinds of animals all around the world. Sometimes just for amusement too. You are very naive too, the wearer of the fur is as guilty as the growers/murderers of the animals the fur comes from. The innocent creatures are often skinned ALIVE and then thrown into the trash STILL alive!!! If only these poor animals could ‘get a life’.

      • Glynnis  

        I so agree with you Elaine. I had thought that we were beginning to become educated about animal cruelty! Ripping skins off animals that are still alive is far from humane!

  2. I could not care less weather she she is in a fur or not, Helen has always done her own thing so why should she stop now.

  3. Kiwigull  

    A woman of sheer class, fur and all.

  4. Elaine Radway  

    Some of you need to check out my reply to Lorraine Waterson. I love Helen Mirren but fur equals barbaric animal cruelty.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Stop being cruel to Animals and refuse to wear Fur is one way of stopping it.

  6. Robert Green  

    Get over it! The animals death was more humane than if they had been predated. And for all the bleeding heart animal loving lefttards, chooks and minks are animals, human embryos are human!

  7. Robert Green  

    Oops, forgot one thing. Look up how halal meat is prepared. Get on that high horse if you want to really make a difference. Might save us all a lot of money too by not having to support terrorism.

  8. Pauline Miles  

    Unless you are a vegetarian , or don’ t wear leather shoes or carry a leather handbag any negative comments would be hypocritical

  9. Saw her naked in a movie once, walking down a staircase. She had some fur on then.

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