Heartwarming photos of Queen Elizabeth as a young woman right before she was crowned

Photos of Her Majesty from back in 1952 has resurfaced and it’s proof the monarch has always been elegant, calm

Photos of Her Majesty from back in 1952 has resurfaced and it’s proof the monarch has always been elegant, calm and graceful.

A year after these photos were taken, the Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth at the age of 25 in the 1953 coronation ceremony which took place in Westminster Abbey. Her father King George VI had been suffering from lung cancer for several years, and passed away in his sleep on February 6, 1952 at age 56.

While Elizabeth was still flying home from Kenya, England’s Accession Council met to officially determine who was the heir to the throne and By 7pm, it was announced that the new monarch would be Queen Elizabeth II.

When Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne, leaders from all over the world came to see the young Queen receive her crown and by then, the British Empire had also covered one third of the world.

The ceremony was shown on television which was very new at the time and hardly anyone could afford one.

By the time she was crowned Queen Elizabeth had two children, Charles and Anne. Here’s a look back at some photos of the Queen as a young mother right before the became one of the most powerful leaders on earth.

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) at her desk in her sitting room at Buckingham Palace, 19th September 1946.

Prince Charles and Her Majesty looking out of a window at Balmoral in September 1952, just one year before Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II with two dogs at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, 28th September 1952.

September 1952: Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles and Princess Anne in the grounds of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Charles is celebrating his 4th birthday.

28th September 1952: Princess Elizabeth watching her son Prince Charles playing in his toy car while at Balmoral. Just a few months after that, Her Majesty’s life changed completely.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh wave from the famous balcony at Buckingham Palace to the vast crowds massed outside the Palace on June 2 1953 upon their return from Westminster Abbey after the coronation of the Queen.

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