Goldie Hawn copping major backlash over joke video

Actress Goldie Hawn is dealing with some major backlash after she appeared in a parody video with a number of

Actress Goldie Hawn is dealing with some major backlash after she appeared in a parody video with a number of other celebrities.

Goldie is currently working on a new movie with comedian Amy Shumer, John Cusack and Wanda Sykes and with Amy leading the charge the four of them made their own version of singer Beyonce’s hit song ‘Formation’.

The only problem? Not everyone is laughing. The Beyonce song was released earlier this year and drummed up debate because of its powerful message about police brutality against black people in the US.

It became an anthem for many young black people who felt their voices weren’t being heard, which is why the nearly all-white cast send up has ruffled feathers.

In the video, Goldie is seen busting a move and lounging over an army truck as the song plays.

While neither Goldie or her co-stars have commented yet, there are calls for them to apologise and remove the video from the internet.

A lot of the blame is being heaped on Goldie’s young co-star Amy who organised the video and uploaded it online.

She has become extremely popular with the younger generation in recent years for her outrageous comedy show and movies.

Many of the comments on social media though took aim at both Amy and Goldie.

“Only white females would miss the reason for formation,” one angry observer wrote.

“Wow a black empowerment song made to look foolish by fools,” another said.

Take a look at the original video and the parody below and tell us what you think.

Goldie and Amy’s parody

Beyonce’s original

Were Goldie and her co-stars wrong to make this video? Or is it just a bit of fun?

  1. Diana  

    Very thoughtless. Just trying to be smart, but quite brainless of them to do this. On another note – wish silly old Goldie Hawn would get her hair cut. She is still trying to be young and long hair is just making her look like mutton dressed as lamb.

  2. Pamela  

    I just checked out those filthy lyrics!

    Just because one group of people use the song, doesn’t mean no-one else can.

    Singer/song-writers rely on people playing and buying their songs for their income!

    Get over it!

    And many older women have long hair! More power to those who choose the styles they want! I’m surprised you think older women SHOULD ONLY HAVE SHORT HAIR BECAUSE YOU SAID SO!

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