First look of Nicole Kidman as over-60 woman revealed

Who doesn’t know Nicole Kidman for her flawless alabaster complexion and a head of flame-haired locks? This time, Nicole shocked

Who doesn’t know Nicole Kidman for her flawless alabaster complexion and a head of flame-haired locks?

This time, Nicole shocked fans as she stepped out with a completely different look on Wednesday – curly grey hair and prominent fake age spots. With her famous red hair hidden from sight and her complexion transformed with makeup, Nicole looked far older than her 49 years.

She had this ‘look’ while filming scenes for Australian television crime thriller, Top Of The Lake.

She was seen scrolling through her smart phone as she enjoyed a moment of quiet in between takes.

Nicole will appear alongside Mad Man actress Elisabeth Moss, who has returned for the second series of the TV show along with Game Of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.

The Hollywood A-Lister plays an undisclosed supporting character in the second season of the hit UK-Australian show, which is directed by her close pal Jane Campion and centres around the disappearance of 12-year-old Tui, who is five months pregnant.

The last time Nicole was in Australia to film a local TV production was back in 1989, for the miniseries Bangkok Hilton.

Foxtel boss Brian Walsh said it had taken a year to secure Nicole’s appearance of the series, reports Daily Mail.

“Having Nicole on board is such a great endorsement of the high-concept television we are producing here now,” he said.
“I don’t think there’s been a better time for Australian television.”

Will you be watching this TV series?

  1. It is insulting ti think that is how a 60 year old is perceived I am 70 and still don’t look like that perhaps there is karma for her my daughter used to be stopped in North Adelaide and asked for her autograph people didn’t believe she wasn’t Nicole Mardi is now 45 and will never look like this dishevelled woman she is portraying … it would have to be a yank thing

    • Elizabeth  

      I think she still looks great! Why are we so afraid to allow ourselves to age gracefully, accept the process? Never be ashamed, afraid of gracefully, beautifully ageing. We look far better as ourselves than some piece of old mutton pretending to be lamb.

  2. Disey  

    I’m also 70 and do not look like this, in fact many people are surprised to know my age and that of my husband as we are both 70. We were shopping one day and the salesman who was serving us, commented that we both looked great for our age and when we told him we were 70 he was gobsmacked. He asked what sort of lifestyle we had and remarked that we looked late 50s / early 60s which was very flattering. We don’t do anything special, but don’t abuse our bodies. My father always looked a lot younger than he actually was – I remember a girl in high school asking if he was my brother, so maybe I’ve got good genes, similarly for my husband, his mum looked a lot younger than she really was and passed away 10 days before here 90th birthday.

  3. iris  

    she only aged her hair even with plastic surgery this is probably just her without makeup.

  4. Stephanie Cocks  

    Question was : Will you be watching this series?
    YES! We saw the first series, it was BRILLIANT. Loved the cast, not so sure about Nicole in it, rather have less known faces and concentrate on the story. As for her over 60 look…. dishevelled hair and freckles/sunspots…. why not get someone who fits the bill in the first place??

    • Christine  

      They need big name stars to attract viewers.

  5. I think she looks lovely. Rather too much hair for most over-60s; mine thinned out considerably after menopause, and the sunspots are way overdone, although I am sure as a redhead she has attractive freckles. She could be any age from late 40s to 65.

  6. Julia LUCKE  

    Even I don’t look that old and I am 68 this year, everybody grows old in their own unique way!!!!!!

  7. Everyone ages differently its genetic and how you look after your body as the years go by the only way to recapture youth is plastic surgery and even that doesnt last it also can make you look quite strange so thats one path i wont go down im 70 and quite happy with thr way i look

  8. Judith  

    I honestly don’t think she looks that old, even with the age spots, as her face is completely wrinkle free, have always thought she has rather a baby face. If the grey hair was styled better, she would look terrific and not “old” at all.

  9. GM Nicholas  

    What on earth are all you going on about…..she looks fantastic. GREY is the new beauty. Celebrate it and enjoy it dont die it. Age is something that cannt be got from a bottle…..age is wisdom…..insight…..understanding….beauty……compassion……go to it.

  10. Jenny Goldberg  

    I am 64 and dont have one grey hair – I think a lot of woman these days in their 60s and 70s look amazing due to good health exercise diet etc absolutely insulting and ridiculous!!!!!!

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