Fergie set to sue Rupert Murdoch for millions

Rupert Murdoch could soon be facing Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson in court – the Duchess of York is set to launch a

Rupert Murdoch could soon be facing Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson in court – the Duchess of York is set to launch a multi-million-pound legal battle against the former owners of the News of the World.

In 2010, the now-defunct newspaper published footage of her apparently offering access to Prince Andrew for cash, and she wants to sue for damages.

The Mail on Sunday reports the Duchess plans to bring a legal case against Rupert Murdoch’s News Group, seeking compensation for years of lost earnings, and claiming the story damaged her reputation.

Sources say the 56-year-old is looking to get money after several failed businesses, and she is in debt.

It is understood the Duchess believes it was entrapment and there was more to the story than what she was purported to be doing.

In the News of the World exclusive, the Duchess agreed to a private meeting in a New York hotel with a reporter posing as a businessman, and was filmed accepting £27,000 in cash and discussing the wire transfer of a further £500,000.

She was heard telling the man, ‘Five hundred thousand pounds when you can, to me… open doors. Then that is then, like, then you open up all the channels, whatever you need, whatever you want, and then that’s that, what, and then you meet Andrew and that’s fine’.

It was met with shock across the world, and the Duchess issued an apology for the incident.

At a charity awards dinner after the story was splashed across headlines, the Duchess said, ‘I learned today about making a difference. Most importantly I learned I hate grown-ups and I love children’.

Tell us, do you think Fergie would win a court case against Murdoch?

  1. Judith Jenkinson  

    She is not a Royal and never will be.

  2. Cynthia Power  

    Hope so. She was always her “own person ” never bowed to submission to the Royals. Good on you Sarah Ferguson.

  3. The watcher  

    Love to someone take down murdoch. He pissed off the saxe coburg gothas anyway so dont think they wont be bringing something to the party if they see an opportunity to increase the pressure on that inexpressable pustule on the anus of humanity. Fergie is a product of that despicable gimmee culture but is also ineffably beautiful.

  4. Faye Dapiran  

    I hope she sues and wins, it’s time someone took on Murdoch. Most are too scared, or can’t afford it.

    • horstk  

      Well, let us hope she survives her car accident for her children’s sake. In any event she would not succeed in any court case. ….As she agreed to take money at the time as a fee for her dubious acts. She should crawl back into her hole…….and lead the quiet life for her own good health.

      • Terri  

        I agree. If she looses she’ll have to.
        I guess she thinks this could be another cash grab. Very common. She’ll be embarrassing Andrew.

  5. Sarah, had her HRH status removed, as such she is no longer a member of the Royal Family.
    If reporting the truth is a Liable offence, which I’m sure it is not! Sarah went to America with her daughters ,turned up on Oprah selling her story and her woes. The woman is a travesty not unlike her Australian sister, the tw of them would sell their souls to the press to make money. The less shown and said about this women the better for a concerned!

  6. Sarah Ferguson is her name, like the others have said she is not royal in any way shape or form. She’s a hustler, with absolutely no talents or morals and she will do anything to stay in the public eye and to get money. She was caught red handed trying to get money for arranging a meeting with the Duke, it wasn’t entrapment, she should never have put herself in that position. Honestly you would think by now she would realise that she lives way beyond her means and if the Duke wants the mother of his children to attend a special event then he should pay for it. I sincerely hope she doesn’t win and I wish people would wake up to the fact that she is a liability and stop giving her credit, so she doesn’t get into debt.

  7. Mrs. Puddles  

    The issue is alleged entrapment – doesn’t matter who the victim is. It’s appears to be dodgy dirty gutter press. Was the video edited – who knows. The case, if it goes ahead, will be entertaining reading – when reported upon. Meantime the lesson is ‘frisk your friends for recording devices ‘ if they want a cup of tea and a chat and hand you money for any favour they ask while there – lol

  8. Rainbow unicorn  

    How can you sue for something that actually happened? Certainly sue if it’s a fabricated story but not if it is actually true ..which it appears to be from the pics we saw . I think Mr Murdoch will win this one and thus leave Sarah Ferguson in more debt than she might be already.

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