Eric Clapton is being forced to give up the guitar

With music legend Eric Clapton, it’s never the case of if you like his music, it’s what song do you

With music legend Eric Clapton, it’s never the case of if you like his music, it’s what song do you like the most? One of the more revered and influential guitar players of all time recently told his his difficulties to play his beloved guitar anymore.

The 71-year-old musician told Classic Rock Magazine “It started with lower back pain and turned into what they call peripheral neuropathy, which is where you feel like you have electric shocks going down your leg.” Other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are weakness and numbness in arms and legs. Clapton continued “[It’s] hard work to play the guitar and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it will not improve.”

Clapton released his 23rd studio album last month but will not be touring because the idea of it is unbearable. Because of the situation, he’s considering hanging up the guitar strap for good saying “What I’ll allow myself to do, within reason, is carry on recording in the studio. I don’t want to go off the boil to the point where I’m embarrassing myself”.

Eric Clapton’s legacy will never be something to be embarrassed of. His hits Tears in Heaven and Layla dominated the charts and he is the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times.

Even with his guitar playing abilities diminishing he is amazingly optimistic stating that because of his past addictions and life style that “by rights I should have kicked the bucket a long time ago. For some reason I was plucked from the jaws of hell and given another chance”. He certainly made the most of those challenges and will continuing to help other acts produce great music in the studio.

In your opinion, what is Eric Clapton’s best song? When was the first time you heard him play?


  1. Marlee  

    “You Look Beautiful Tonight”. My husband played the guitar when I first met him and have been married to him for over 50 years. He was not a famous guitarist, but he has had to give it up because of Dupertryn’s Contracture, which forces the fingers to bend into the palm of the hand.

  2. I would say cross roads. His rendition with cream is amazing just superb . Also layla he puts his whole heart and soul into it. And last but not least white room great guitar playing. Eric clapton has been a major factor in influence to me in playing guitar, He is a true player who puts his whole being in his guitar playing and a amazing talent and song writer. Just a awesome entertainer. His playing inspires me to play my guitar better.

    • Frank  

      except my understanding is he only played that extraordinary guitar on crossroads, etc. while he was on heroin.

      when he gave it up he seemed to become slowhand

      and of course the story of when Jimi Hendrix came on stage on London and challenge him – and Eric was last seen offstage with a cigarette in his trembling hand – ‘that’s it – I’m finished – I can’t compete with that !’

      but sure – Layla – Tears in Heaven – beautiful stuff

  3. Robin  

    Tears in Heaven, Layla is a close second for me. But I just love Clapton.

  4. Barb Treloggen  

    Sounds like Charcot Marie Tooth Disease to me. Won’t kill you Eric, buts liife hard at times.
    I know, I was born with it!
    The strange name, it was name after the 3 doctors who discovered 0it. (CMT) IS EASIER TO SAY.

  5. Layla & Bell Bottom Blues were my first EC favorites.
    Everything from the Layla album really as it was the first I owned. Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy” was pretty special too.

  6. Kerry Williams  

    Remember him with the Yardbirds with two of the greatest guitarists of all time Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page . Heart full of soul and for your love were brilliant songs.

  7. Pauline Wilson  

    San Francisco Bay Blues (Live Acoustic)

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