Ellen DeGeneres responds to Karl’s criticism of her Barrier Reef campaign

Earlier in the week, Ellen DeGeneres delighted her Australian fans by throwing her support behind a campaign to raise awareness

Earlier in the week, Ellen DeGeneres delighted her Australian fans by throwing her support behind a campaign to raise awareness for the Great Barrier Reef and help keep it alive, thriving and beautiful for years to come.

One man who wasn’t too impressed though was Today show host Karl Stefanovic who, on Wednesday, issued a scathing review saying she was only interested in saving the Reef now because her new movie Finding Dory is set there.

Karl says he believes she is just doing it as publicity for her film and not because she actually cares about the Reef.

“My concern is she’s gotten involved in that around the whole notion of selling a movie anyway,” he said.

“And Disney’s got behind it as one of their linchpins for launching this film,’ he said of the movie.

“But secondly, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is, I think, the best at doing work with trying to save the Great Barrier Reef. They’re scientific-based and they do wonderful work,” Karl said.

“So on two fronts I think Ellen’s missed the mark,” Karl added. “It’s probably not her fault, it’s probably her advisers. But it just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Ellen is sticking to her guns though and is reportedly ‘bewildered’ by the attack from Karl.

She has brushed of Karl’s criticism saying at least it’s got people talking.

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“I put out a PSA (public safety announcement) because I do believe we should protect our oceans and protect the reef, and I don’t know what’s controversial about that,” Ellen said.

She also added that she’s glad to know that the government has committed itself to supporting the Reef.

“If they are pouring money into it, good for them,” she said. “I’m glad they are.”

Earlier she expressed her surprise at the backlash she was receiving from Karl as well as Environment Minister Greg Hunt who both sent her public messages on social media criticising her campaign.

“I didn’t know it was a controversy but that’s exciting that people are talking about it,’ Ellen told News Corp.

“But that’s a good thing, right? There’s nothing wrong with trying to protect the reef.

“I am happy to put my name on it and get behind it. It’s important to me – I think we have to pay attention to the entire planet,” she said.

Ellen is regarded as one of the most influential people on the planet so there are hopes that her support of the reef will make a real difference when it comes to keeping it alive and beautiful for generations to come.

Do you think Karl is right and that Ellen is only doing this to promote her movie? Or has Karl missed the mark here?

  1. Steve Holman  

    Karl Stefanovic is an idiot, an overpaid indict at that. Who cares what he thinks, he is arrogant and a very stupid man, he is so fought up in himself. I can’t stand him, I love the Today show and watch every day, but I wish he would go away. His brother Peter is much more appealing as the host, in fact any of them would be.

    • jaime  

      Steve Holman, You because of your bias you are the IDIOT. Many do care what Stafenovic thinks, and he is very right on his comments ablut De Generes.

  2. Ben  

    Is Stefenovic right? He says that greenfleet aren’t the right organisation to support, yet they are working with great barrier reef foundation on the remember the reef project. And he questions Ellen’s motives, because she may be making money out of the film….. ummm, Karl works for a commercial tv station, maybe we should question his motives in any opinion he puts forward too?

  3. Geoff Waller  

    Why no set up a foundation where people like Ellen can donate money to save the reef. That would sort the talkers from the believers

  4. Sallyann Lamoin  

    I’m delighted that Ellen is having a voice regarding our Reef. I’ll stand with anyone who fights for saving this unique and wonderful environment.

  5. marina  

    you are such an idiot no wonder i don’t watch your programme you wouldn’t believe what she does stick to what you know best (NOT MUCH)

  6. Anne Grigg  

    Ellen’s’ response was to a request sent to her by a young Aussie girl who was upset at the state of the reef while there on holiday.
    Ellen is well known for encouraging discussion on environmental issues, so this is not a first.
    I agree that it might be 9s sour grapes with 7s getting the story first.

    • Claudia  

      I cant stand Karl .Hes a no nothing big mouth.

  7. Matronbb  

    What makes Karl stefanovic such an expert, doesn’t even present all the facts. Ellen is well known for her positive support of the environment and animals in general. Considering the Great Barrier Reef is situated in Australia and not Ellen’s country I think it’s both inspirational and positive that she put her voice behind saving it. Good for you Ellen and thank you. Karl your an absolute disgrace to attack someone that is taking an interest in one of our national treasures.

  8. Karl I hope Ellen does everything that she say and comes out here and makes you look totally stupid as that is what you are. Here is a woman that will follow through and you are knocking her but then what else do we expect from you. Go get him Ellen and make him pay for his words. The Australian Public will support you way before they support Karl.

  9. Kay Willoughby  

    Karl you are doing your usual big noting of yourself. Any person, famous or otherwise who draws attention to an environmental issue, gets my vote any day. Another reason why I do not watch your show, you are just so full of yourself.

  10. Mark Davis  

    The Great Barrier Reef is dying, it needs all the help it can get if we are going to have it alive for the generations to come. It is criminal that people like Stefanovic and the poisonous reptile he was sitting with can destroy any positive momentum in saving the reef.

    Stefanovic and his hideous self-opinionated sidekick NEED to be sacked to stop sidetracking the public from the main issues.

  11. Even if Karl is right, ANY publicity is useful for the organisations responsible for the welfare of the Great Barrier Reef. Karl is handsome but naive

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