Our best ever, easy-to-follow computer tips!

Whether you’re a computer pro or just a novice, there is always something new to learn that will help improve your

Whether you’re a computer pro or just a novice, there is always something new to learn that will help improve your computer skills.

Luckily, we’ve found some of the most useful tips for you so you can navigate your computer much more easily.

Here’s 11 of the best:

1. Bookmark your favourite internet pages that you visit daily 

You can save time by making your favourite internet pages “bookmarks” in your browser. This means there will be an icon displayed at the top of the browser, at all times, for your convenience. Simply, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your favourite website i.e. www.startsat60.com
  2. Click “bookmarks” on the tool bar and click “bookmark this page”
  3. You can also do this by pressing Command + D on Mac or Ctrl + D on PC

2. Scroll faster using the space bar 

Sometimes your mouse wheel, cursor on the scrollbar or the arrow key can be a bit slow. Instead, simply use the space bar to jump down one full screen at a time. Then to scroll back up the page quickly, simply add shift to the equation, Shift+spacebar and you will scroll up a full screen with each press!

3. Fix those little mistakes

Did you know you can undo almost any action? Whether you accidentally deleted a word or a file, there is a quick and easy keyboard shortcut to bring it back to life!

PC: Ctrl + Z
Mac: Command + Z

4. Zoom in and out

Having trouble reading some of the text on a website? You can zoom in or out with this command.

PC: Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel or press up or down keys
Mac: Command+plus sign; Command+minus sign

5. Take a screen shot

Capture an image of anything on your screen instantly with a screen shot.

PC: Use the Snipping Tool program to capture and save
Mac: Command+Shift+3 to save to your desktop

6. Go incognito

Browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) offer an option where you can privately browse. This is great if you want to keep an information a secret, whether it’s bank details or a surprise for your partner. No browsing history is saved in incognito. You can also do it on your smart phone or device!


PC: Ctrl+Shift+N
Mac: Command+Shift+N

Internet Explorer

PC: Ctrl+Shift+P
Mac: Command+Shift+P


PC: Ctrl+Shift+P
Mac: Command+Shift+P


Drop down the ‘Safari’ main menu and click ‘Private browsing’

7. Open a new tab

Want to make sure you don’t lose your place on the current page? Simply open a new tab in your browser!

PC: Control+T
Mac: Command+T

8. Close down a program that’s frozen

Is your computer frozen in a program? You can end the process by:

PC: Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open up the dialog box.
Mac: Command + Option + Esc to open the Force Quit box.

9. Edit Facebook Post 

Have you ever posted a comment on Facebook and realised you made a grammar or spelling mistake? Facebook has now added a feature where you can edit it after posting!

  1. However over the post you wish to adjust
  2. Click on the top-right corner and select “Edit”
  3. Edit your post and click “Done Editing”

If you want to delete the comment completely, that is also an option in the dropdown box.

10. Search from the browser bar 

You don’t need to type in “www.google.com” when you want to search for something online. Just type your search right into the browser. Most browsers’ URL bars automatically double as an online search bar so you can access information quickly. You can adjust and set your preferences for what service it will use, such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

11. Re-open a webpage tab you’ve closed

Did you accidentally exit out of a website? You can easily go back to your spot by holding down:

PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac: Command + Shift + T

Do you have any other tips that you’ve found useful? Which of these tips will you try?