Duchess of Cornwall looks demure in headscarf, goes barefooted during tour

Charles and Camilla first visited the spectacular Sheikh Zaved Grand Mosque mosque, in Abu Dhabi, in 2007 when it was still

Charles and Camilla first visited the spectacular Sheikh Zaved Grand Mosque mosque, in Abu Dhabi, in 2007 when it was still being built. Now, they’ve returned to promote religious tolerance as part of their tour to the Middle East on behalf of the British Government. And while Charles was dressed in a linen suit and striped tie, Camilla might have won the hears of the people in Abu Dhabi as she wore a blue headscarf, a soft long jacket and wide-legged trousers.

Visitors to the mosque must remove their footwear so Charles walked round in black socks but Camilla went a step further and removed her footwear to go barefooted.

The royal couple toured the mosque, which is decorated with stunning chandeliers and a wall featuring the 99 names of God in traditional calligraphy, before learning about its architecture. The carpet in the main hall of the mosque is considered to be one of the largest in the world, and took 11 years to build.

After the tour, Charles and Camilla attended a reception for guests of different faiths and nationalities. Bishop Paul Hinder, of the Roman Catholic Church, spoke with Charles at the mosque. “For me, the visit is about recognition,” he said.
“The prince was able to speak to us and see the mutual tolerance which is reality in this country.”

The Duchess opted for long-lined blouses and wide-legged pants throughout her visit.

Could Camilla be the new over-60 style icon?

  1. Bluedog  

    No doubt people will say why did she have to dress like that, they don’t want to change their dress in our country. I love her outfits. She looks cool and those long sleeved tops and pants will keep the sun off her pale skin. No one wants to see a beet root red Duchess. The headscarf and bare feet are a sign of respect for entering a mosque. I remember a time when no woman would go to church without a hat.

    • Heather Wells-Jones  

      I think it is correct to wear outfits that are acceptable in the country you are visiting. The old saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do”

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Wow, what a spectacular lady you are Camilla. You are just streets ahead of ‘Dippy Di’ in class and hard-working effort. If ever we have King Charles III then he’s extremely lucky to have you as his companion and Queen.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Camilla will never be forgiven for what she did to princess Diana and all she did will crop up again when and if Charles becomes King. Ask yourself why the Queen will not abdicate? because she knows Charles would not make a strong King. Charles is like his Uncle Edward the 8th who abdicated for the woman he supposedly loved. The woman Edward the 8th married was also questionable in character. No body is perfect but…. for a King she would not have been Queen material.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Sorry Joan, wrong facts there about Camilla. Your angelic Dippy Di was having it off long before Camilla came on the scene. The question of Harry’s true father will always haunt us.
      The correct fact is that Charles had been in love with Camilla for decades, and because it
      was felt that Di was more ‘suitable’, he was forced into a sham ‘royal’ marriage for appearance sake.
      There was never any love there from either side, just view all the stilted and posed pics of them together during their unhappy marriage. Compare these with those of Charles and
      Camilla today … only loving and true companionship comes through every time we see them.
      I do agree that perhaps Charles should not be taking up the reigns of kingship as I wonder if his heart is really in it. The problem here is that Camilla is a divorcee and may well not be accepted as an acceptable Queen in line with Britain’s onerous ‘medieval’ attitudes. I do hope that his love for Camilla will enable him to make this logical decision.
      Funnily enough though, Camilla’s family tree goes right back to William the Conqueror
      and she is actually Charles’ 9th cousin removed.
      I hope I actually live long enough to see King William’s coronation. Wills, Kate and Harry have effectively destroyed the Republican movement in this country for generations to come.

  4. Camilla Can Never Be Queen , She Was An Adulteress , From a Very Early Stage ,Whilst Married to her FIRST Husband . She Schemed & Lied towards Diana, along with Charles !! NO She Can NEVER Be Queen . Nor He King , He Is Not Strong minded , But William Is Another Story along his side a Strong Lady .

    • Guy Flavell  

      But Marlene, Princess Diana was also an adulteress … several different men too. Even though the marriage was on the rocks, do you think that her actions may well have driven Charles into the arms of his true love ?

  5. desleigh clarke  

    So does this mean that when the middle-easterners come to the west, the women will take off their burkas? Not bloody likely, as usual, all their way.

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