Duchess Catherine’s frilly dress made fun of in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued their tour of Canada overnight, greeting thousands of fans and visiting a

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued their tour of Canada overnight, greeting thousands of fans and visiting a charity centre helping vulnerable mothers and pregnant women battling with addiction and other issues.

The royal couple stepped out in Vancouver together with Catherine wearing a £4,000 ($AU6,800) Alexander McQueen dress – the same designer who made her wedding dress – and William sporting a smart grey suit.

While most people loved Kate’s red and white number, others said it was oddly frilly and overpriced.

“£4000 for that dress … wouldn’t pay £40 for it. They need to cut back,” said one commenter.

Regardless of the opinions of some though, Kate was greeted by cheers with people loving the chance to get up close to her.

Both William and Kate seemed to love every minute of the day, chatting and laughing with locals and charming everyone they met with their good humour and ease.

At the charity centre, they spoke with some of the young children there and even opened up about George and Charlotte.

Kate was handed a teddy bear by a little girl named Hailey, who the Duchess told: “I love your dress, it’s so pretty. Thank you so much, Charlotte will love this, she loves her teddies.”

William added: “George too, he’s a big fan, thank you so much.” He later told a group of toddlers taking part in a craft session: “You’re all such well behaved children. I’m so impressed!”

Later, they met three-month-old Jasmine Hydrochuk who was being weighed on a set of scales as the couple watched on with Jasmine’s mother.

“She is so incredibly sweet and I can’t believe how good she is. Whenever we used to put George or Charlotte on the scales, they would never stay still,” Kate said.

When asked about her children, she replied: “They’re doing well. I just can’t believe how quickly they’re growing, it’s amazing how the time goes.”

The couple will continue their tour over the next week with many hoping young Prince George and Princess Charlotte will make another appearance before they leave.

Are you a fan of the Royal couple? Do you like Kate’s dress?

  1. Ellen  

    I love her dress . So flattering.

    • Esther ison  

      So do I. Kate shops at Asda a lot and only pays £40 for some dresses. That dress is amazing and worth every dollar or £. People should stop judging

  2. Yes and Yes If they aren’t the Next King and Queen of The Commonwealth Royalty will die.

  3. Jen  

    I love the dress
    Those who criticise-go get a life and then, maybe you won’t be jealous

  4. sue Sheahan  

    Yes and Yes and she looks so feminine

  5. Monica Stewart  

    Who,s to say she paid for her dress, desgners would be happy to hand over clothes free of charge to get the publicity if one of their frocks are worn by “Catherine.

  6. J Taylor  

    Love the dress, envious that she is so tall and slim to carry the full skirt off. Remember the old saying ‘ if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all’ with all the trolls on social media we should all try and remember that!

  7. Judy hannah  

    I love her dress she can wear anything

  8. Michael Gresham  

    What a amazing dress – it is alive and fresh and bright – just perfect for the visits Kate is doing. It grabbed your attention and Kate made it shine with her radiant smile and perfect figure.

  9. Isabel Reid  

    Why are people so illmannered and so critical? Clothing is only wrappings, it is what is inside which is important.

  10. Lorraine  

    Love the dress,so very feminine..looks great on Kate

  11. Barbara Provis  

    She looks absolutely beautiful, stylish and friendly

  12. Margaret Mason  

    The dress is gorgeous and very flattering. Don’t some people have anything better to do. It probably is overpriced, but I would hazard a guess that she didn’t actually pay £4000 for it – and I also would hazard a guess that they have already sold others similar to it for the full price.

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