Documentary claims it will reveal damning Royal family secrets

Never before have there been such damning revelations broadcast to millions… but a new documentary exposing the Royal family’s inner

Never before have there been such damning revelations broadcast to millions… but a new documentary exposing the Royal family’s inner secrets could change that.

‘Inside Buckingham Palace’ will air in the UK later this week, and claims it will reveal that Prince Philip cheated on the Queen, and forced the Queen Mother out of Buckingham Palace by turning down the heating.

If these seemingly outlandish claims are in fact the truth, it could be enormously damaging for the Royal family’s reputation. At this stage, it’s unclear whether the documentary’s facts have been checked.

In the two-part documentary, former royal aides and historians discuss rumours that Prince Philip had affairs after marrying the Queen, took a mystery woman on to the royal yacht Britannia and that ‘the royal marriage was on the rocks’, reports the Daily Mail.

There will also be discussion on Prince Philip’s party antics. None of the claims about the Prince were ever proven and no rumours were substantiated, however insiders believe they have been kept under wraps, as any juicy secret usually is.

Former Palace staff, royal confidantes and celebrities all speak about ‘what life is really like’ for the Royal family, but whether or not it’s true is another story completely. Perhaps we’ll never know.

The programme is set to ‘explore the scandals, tragedies and triumphs’ that have taken place in the 60 years since the Queen’s coronation, and will look forward to Prince Charles’ future reign.

According to the Daily Star, royal author Chris Wilson, ‘It was a cold winter and Philip ordered the servants to switch off the central heating in the Queen Mum’s rooms and within a week she was gone.’

Historian Dr Piers Brendan reportedly discusses how Prince Philip used to join celebrities and actors for booze-filled parties at a private gentlemen’s club in Soho.

‘It was an escape valve. He and the others behaved like playboys. Naked showgirls were talked about’, said Dr Brendan.

The second part of the doco also explores the battles between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, whose marriage troubles were well-known.

Tell us: do you think we will ever truly know what goes on in the Palace? Are something better left unsaid? Or are you interested to see what the doco will reveal?

  1. Peter Warren  

    No, I’m not interested in what the doco will reveal. Unsubstantiated media claims and innuendo certainly won’t be getting my attention. I get enough of that already, on the nightly news, these days 😳

  2. Kerrie McNamara  

    No thanks. Not interested.

  3. does anyone really care ,with all that is going on in this world re wars, drugs, murders , earthquakes etc, the House of Windsor is no moe immune than the house of the average family

  4. Dianne Clarke  

    Guess someone offered money and greed made the story. Who cares – leave their private lives alone. Makes no difference – proves they are just like any one else – human and with failings.

  5. Deanna  

    care factor is zero, most marriages are not what they appear

  6. Lindy Bennett  

    I don’t care about what Phillip did or didn’t do, but I don’t like to see the Queen humiliated like this. It’s nobody else’s business what Phillip did or didn’t get up to.

  7. Glenis Lamb  

    Leave them alone for heavens’s not like they have 50 years left

  8. Glenis Lamb  

    Leave them alone for heavens’s not like they have 50 years left

  9. Linda Butler  

    I was born and bred in UK and came to live here in Sydney at age 60. There were always rumours about Prince Philip having affairs and that the Royal Marriage was on the rocks years ago. Both Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were apparently the result of some form of reconciliation, or to show the marriage was solid.!!!. Even during the John Profumo affair, Christina Keeling, Mandy Rice Davis etc. there were rumours. So nothing is really new, and personally for me its all old news. Show me any marriage that has lasted as long as the Queen and Prince Philip without skeletons in the cupboard. Throughout history there has always been sexual pursuits by the Royals.. Leave this elderly Royal couple alone, wish the Documentary makers would stop raking the same dirt over and over again., and do we need to hear again all about the farce of a marriage between Diana and Prince Charles. Let her rest in peace and lets all move on.

  10. Mid your own business let the ROYAL FAMILY, Lead there own lives and carry on looking after your own ,

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