Do you know an escape artist? They’ve got nothing on this guy!

Who says cows and bulls aren’t clever animals? An animal refuge has posted this short clip of William the Steer

Who says cows and bulls aren’t clever animals? An animal refuge has posted this short clip of William the Steer as he uses his tongue to escape from his pen.

William lives at Farm Sanctuary, one of a group of well-known animal refuges that homes farm animals rescued from cruelty and promotes veganism. According to the video description, the gate has since been “William-proofed” and he is happily roaming his fields and chewing the cud.

I once has a Jack Russell who could honestly escape a sealed metal box if anyone was crazy enough to try putting him in one, so this doesn’t surprise me. The grass is definitely greener on the other side for some animals and no matter what, they will do their darnedest to get there!


Do you know an escape artist? How far did they get and what did you have to do to keep them from busting out?

  1. My friend, Elva Wilton, had a pony called Halo that would close and lock the gate to her stall when she did not want to go outside into the weather.

  2. This is a cow of a story. I’ve never herd so much bull. Who had the balls to call a steer “Willie?

  3. We had a pony who could let all the the other horses out of the yard by flipped the hook on the gates. The only thing he could not manage was the spring clip, the ones on a dog leash

  4. I have two dogs commonly referred to as the Houdini brothers. They escape no matter what I do. One is a golden coloured Border Collie and the other a Westie cross. They went into town the other day and someone said they were strolling up the street checking out the shops like a couple of people out for a stroll.

  5. My dad’s horse could escape from almost anywhere if he wanted to and the gates he couldn’t open ne just jumped over, closely followed by his mate, the bull.

  6. I find that cattle often learn to open gates. I have a cat who can open the cat flap which I lock at night. I have to cover it with a wooden cover and put a weight to hold the cover in place. She also learnt to open the laundry door by standing on the washing machine and turning the handle with her front feet.

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