Daryl Somers is making a comeback to our screens! Will ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ return?

Daryl Somers, the 64-year-old television legend, will host a brand new shown on Channel Nine this year. The much-loved entertainer
Via Channel Nine

Daryl Somers, the 64-year-old television legend, will host a brand new shown on Channel Nine this year. The much-loved entertainer will host an Australian version of You’re Back In The Room.

The show is based on a British format, where contestants compete for cash prizes whilst being hypnotised. Daryl Somers said hosting the brand new show has meant drawing on his 40 years of showbiz experience.

He had to master the autocue, a machine Somers never used before when hosting Hey Hey It’s Saturday or Dancing With The Stars.

“I would use (the autocue), but I felt when I was using it I didn’t feel as much spontaneity”, Somers said. “All my career I’ve just winged it. I’m more comfortable with that”.

Somers jumped at the chance to fire up Aussie television screens again. He talked about being offered the role by Nine’s Director of Television:

“I met with Michael Healy and he said ‘how are you Daryl?’ and I said ‘well I’m fine’ and he said ‘No you’re not, you’re getting drowsy,’ and by the end of the meeting I’d agreed to the new show”.

“It’s nice to be back in harness especially for a show like this. It’s unpredictable and new and I’m so glad I didn’t bugger it up”.

In terms of the Aussie favourite, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Somers hasn’t ruled out a curtain call.

“Never say never. There are still people who would love to see Hey Hey back”, he said. “There has been talk of another special or something, but for now the whole focus is on You’re Back In The Room”.

Are you happy to see Daryl Somers return to TV screens? Would you like to see a reboot of Hey Hey It’s Saturday? Will you give You’re Back In The Room a try?

  1. I loved Hey Hey when I was younger but I am not into game shows, I might have a look to see how Daryl is faring now

  2. Why do we keep copying british shows do we not have someone with imaginations here. Great to see Dazza coming back though

  3. Daryl’s humour is pretty tired and hackney now days and I never really was a fan of Hey, Hey when it was new and crisp. However I wish him well with this venture.

  4. Channel 9 is scraping the barrel with this one. Daryl belongs with Hey Hey which is in the archives.

  5. Yet another crappy program. Won’t be watching so sick of these meaningless game shows and reality shows. I think I’d rather watch ” days of our lives” is that show still going ??? Don’t know don’t care give me an English murder mystery any day

  6. You can’t redo things from that long ago, they don’t work now for the majority. Great in the day, never missed it but I think most people have moved along with the times.

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