Damn Helen! Actress hits the red carpet in picture-perfect fashion

Helen Mirren has twirled her way across the red carpet in Cannes as she promoted her new movie the glamorous

Helen Mirren has twirled her way across the red carpet in Cannes as she promoted her new movie the glamorous setting.

The acclaimed actress, 70, posed for the hundreds of photographers lining the carpet at the famous Cannes Film Festival in France.

Wearing an embellished lace dress with a full skirt and her hair slicked back, she proved once again that she is the Queen of Cool.

She’s never been one to shy away from a daring look, often spotted out and about in leather jackets and bright red lipstick, and has spoken openly about coming into her own has she ages and finding her style.

Earlier this week she appeared on a British talk show where she talked about her style and even making her own clothes.

“I do make clothes yes, very bad clothes that I never actually wear but I love the actual making of them.

“I’m so happy at a sewing machine or at a fabric department at a store. I inherited it from my mother.

She also talked about how she’d love to shock everyone by appearing on the red carpet in a dress made of garbage bags of all things.

“Because I think if you think of it as a fabric and it’s kind of wonderful because it kind of floats and it’s a bit shiny and black, it’s very sort of red carpet actually.

“So watch this space I might do this one one of these days – duct tape and black plastic trash bags.”

She also touched on the subject of ageing and how it’s not really as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

“Yes I feel it. Whatever 70 feels like I guess I feel like it I don’t know, I’ve never been here before. I feel how I feel and I guess that’s what 70 feels like.”

The pictures of Helen have been generating lots of buzz with people hailing her bold choices.

“If that’s what 70 looks like, sign me up!” wrote one admiring fan.

Are you a fan of Helen Mirren? Do you like her fashion choices?

  1. John  

    Dame Helen has ALWAYS been just the most, in many ways!

    She’s a marvellous actress, always has been, & continues to be. She is an inspiration to ‘oldies’, IMHO.

    Saw her in a live telecast National Theatre production of ‘Phaedra’….wow!
    Can’t stop watching ‘Prime Suspect’, on repeat, & have all the DVD’s.

    If you can get hold of it, watch her in film, ‘Pascali’s Island’, with (Lord) Charles Dance, & (Sir) Ben Kingsley. A gem!

    I remember when she came to Q’l’d., as an 18yo, to film ‘Lolita’, with the late, great James Mason.

    She’s like a beautiful bottle of ‘Grange’, aging excellently with time!
    May she reign for many a year to come!

  2. Veronica  

    Love Helen. She is an icon that all women should aspire too.

  3. Angie B  

    Omg, she is gorgeous! What a Dame!

  4. Susan Bell  

    You know, there are other actors that you could comment on but it is always Helen, good actor, nice clothes but maybe cut down the articles and talk about the art of acting, the art of directing and costuming, the importance of the arts industry to the Australian economy, the destruction of arts grants, the lack of decent women’s roles in films.
    She is a nice person but you have so many boring articles about her, I have no interest in her clothing but a great interest in the value of the arts. More that one article a month is far too many.

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