Dame Edna taunts The Project hosts in baffling appearance

It was supposed to be a light-hearted segment with one of Australia’s favourite celebrities but Dame Edna’s appearance on The

It was supposed to be a light-hearted segment with one of Australia’s favourite celebrities but Dame Edna’s appearance on The Project last night left many scratching their heads.

Barry Humphries alter ego Dame Edna Everage was in true form, complete with possum shoulder pads, though her comments on Waleed Aly’s appearance left a sour taste in some viewers’ mouths.

Waleed Aly is an Australian Muslim with a dark complexion, and he genuinely looked perplexed by her insistence he “really does look like this. He does! It’s not a trick of the lights!”

Dame Edna called him “Little Wally” and a confused Aly responded: “I’m just trying to figure out what response you are looking for here”.

She then became the star, host and producer of the show, leaping from question to question, taking no notice of the questions she was being asked, instead asking mother of two Carrie Bickmore, “Did you have stretchmarks as a result?”

On the show to promote her new pyjama range, Dame Edna spoke about “making bed fun” before taking a swipe at Aly: “Now, I don’t know if you believe in that, Waleed”, no doubt referencing his faith.

It got worse: when asked about the Queen’s recent 90th birthday by co-host Peter Helliar, Edna said: “Isn’t it wonderful? Waleed doesn’t think so. I bet you are an old pinko, are you?”

Malcolm Turnbull was thrown into the conversation, and Dame Edna revealed she’s in full support of the prime minister, unlike Waleed. “I would disagree with Waleed — I think Mr Turnbull is a very strong and very impressive Prime Minister”, she said.

The tweets came in thick and fast about the awkward segment, with many questioning the character’s sobriety or lack thereof.

Did you watch last night? Here’s a clip if you missed it. What’s your verdict?

  1. Soomoo  

    Ever heard of satire? It goes both ways, left to right and right to left.

  2. Disey  

    Get out of your costumes Edna – you are so outdated – time to retire I think – jokes have a hint of racism in them, personally don’t like that one bit. The Project team are a joy to watch every night and they don’t need pseudo personalities like Edna / Barry on their show – get off !

    • Wazza  

      Disey…these guys are good at pounding there points over every night..if ya give it learn to take it or get out of the kitchen….sick and tired of the ole “racist” bit coming out..

      Everywhere he goes he is like this..

    • Chris Lane  

      Oh Disey you don’t get it. Barry Humphries has been satirising us since time began – check out Les Patterson if you really want to get uncomfortable. The Project Team are occasionally funny whereas BH is always funny! As for the phonies on the 15 minute “Project” being more fun to watch than one of the most talented individuals to walk the planet – you need to go take a Bex and have a good lie-down. You’ll get over it!

  3. Ray  

    Should be more of it. Go The Dame! Everyone’s afraid of what they say now thanks to the PC police. Not a fan but at least people like Mark Latham say what they think.

  4. Laurie  

    Love it! Tell it like it is, don’t sugar coat it with political correctness. Go for it Bazza, much better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

  5. Helga Collins  

    Love it, should be more of it, forget the PC.

  6. Royce R. Baucke  

    I thought Dame Edna had been put to “rest” quite some time ago??? And now she reappears again !!!! R.R.B.

  7. Jenny  

    This show takes its self far too seriously Barry is old school Aussie and was taking the piss so funny We need to laugh at our selves Barry knew exactly where to poke for a reaction showed how arrogant and pompous they have become

  8. roy bridges  

    Loved it ,true Aussie way to joke . If you think it was racist it’s because you want it to be. Sick of people trying to make everyone change to fit their way.Why do they try to put people down that don’t think like them?

    Not the first time this show overreacts to things.
    They think they are above other people and know what’s best for every one.

  9. Harold  

    Absolutely brilliant, about time people took themselves less seriously. The man(Barry is a genius)

  10. jeanette  

    if you invite the great Dame along to your live chat show you’d better be prepared for anything! – her life’s work has been to keep her adoring audience feeling uncomfortable and slightly apprehensive about what might pop out next! Hilarious! that’s my verdict and serves them right – where’s everyone’s sense of humour hanging out these days??

  11. Have always loved Dame Edna, sarcasm at it’s best. You never know what to expect, a bit like the old benny hill shows, very tongue in cheek, you have really appreciate this kind of humour before it disappears altogether.

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