Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans slammed for comments about sunscreen

My Kitchen Rules host and celebrity chef Pete Evans is no stranger to controversy. The healthy lifestyle advocate has been
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My Kitchen Rules host and celebrity chef Pete Evans is no stranger to controversy. The healthy lifestyle advocate has been under fire in recent years for releasing a baby paleo cookbook, as well as listing outrageous foods on his daily menu such as activated almonds.

Now, he’s under the spotlight again. The popular chef has told his followers that wearing sunscreen is bad. Of course over 60s and the Cancer Council would disagree – not wearing sunscreen in Australia’s harsh sun is a recipe for disaster.

The comment was written on one of Pete’s regular Q&A posts where followers ask him questions about healthy eating and recipes.

One follower asks him what he wears while out in the sun, and Mr Evans answered: “generally nothing as I keep an all over tan all year”.

“People put on normal chemical sunscreen then lay out in the sun for hours on end and think that they are safe because they have covered themselves in poisonous chemicals,” Mr Evans wrote.

Evans defended his comments.

“Someone asked me the other day about sunscreens and I said I don’t really use them as I keep an all year tan by going in the sun as often as I can without burning, however when I go surfing… I use a product called Surf Mud which is the least toxic product I have managed to find so far,” he wrote.

He also said he has a skin check “every year”.

The Cancer Council’s director of education Terry Slevin condemned the comments, reports 9News.

“The science is clear, increased ­exposure to UV radiation equals an increased risk of skin cancer and this is from people who have been researching this for decades,” Mr Slevin told

Tell us, should Pete Evans be careful what he says or is he right?


  1. Margaret Wilson  

    That’s why his skin is so dry and the lines and wrinkles on his face. Always wonderedif he used anything. Fool.

  2. Lyn  

    Pete is right. Sunscreans are poisonous chemicals. Known that for years. It is just a money making racket. Glad to hear someone is standing up and finally saying this. Good on you pete.

  3. B. GORMAN  

    Hadn’t the rate of skin cancer increased since the introduction of chemical sunscreens?

  4. William Peacock  

    O for heavens sake get a life people and read the proven scientific research. Pete get a life and stop your crap. You are a cook not a medical specialist

  5. Janelle  

    Is this guy just an un-educated twit, who makes mega-bucks?
    Why do people take notice of so-called ‘celebrities’ when they’re not even qualified in the area upon which they pontificate?

    There has seemed to be a trend over the last few yeas’ of this being done, & it REALLY p&@@$@ me off to the nth degree!

    • Paul Brown  

      Well done Pete one day the followers will know ,meanwhile people die of chemical ingestion ,big pharma to blame

  6. [email protected]  

    I totally agree with Pete. Good on him for speaking his truth. I never use the stuff since I applied some coppertone in the 1960s & a mole thing, flattened out & grew larger. Very weird but according to the doc was ok.

  7. Barbara Daniel  

    He obviously hasn’t been touched by Melonoma. Yes my husband and I had skin checks twice a year. But they were internal! Hard to find them! We were devastated when he was diagnosed with the cancer! Can’t be too careful Pete!

  8. Heather  

    Flippin idiot should keep his opinions to himself.
    When you are living with melanoma you have 2 choices stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen to protect yourself.
    Yes I have Melanoma and my parents were always very careful to make sure we stayed covered up and didn’t get burn’t but I got it anyway.
    Uneducated people shouldn’t be recommending things that they are NOT qualified to comment on.
    If Pete Evans wants to have an all year round tan, go in the sun often and have dried up wrinkled skin that’s fine.
    Don’t put others at risk.

  9. Jeanie Hore  

    I feel that certain skin types are more vunerable then others. I know many people who never use sun screen, either becauae they dont care or like me, choose not to add any chemicals to their body. Good on you Pete. At least this has bought this topic up for conversation. One which will never reach a concensus but may get people thinking about it.

  10. Coppertone is not a sun block, it is a tanning oil. It will not protect your skin from u v Ray’s but will encourage burning thus tanning. No wonder your mole grew in size, you fried it in oil!

  11. Margaret Russell  

    Good on you Pete! I have fair freckly skin and jump in pool between 12 and 2 or 3 EVERY day in good weather in the BLAZING SUMMER SUN! I am careful to take it sliw the first week but I have absolutely NO CANCERS at all. I DO NOT USE SUNSCREEN AND BELIEVE IT IS A TOTAL CON!

    • Raymond Kuerschner  

      Has anyone read about nano in sunscreen. I read it in the internet. The particules are so small that they enter the body through the skin and are invading the body organs. The article said they contain carcinogenic poisons. So even though I have darker skin I am aware and cautious about sun screen.

  12. As I posted at – So many people are so stupid going out in the sun baking for hours thinking these chemical creams are protecting them.

    Sure it might block some rays out but what about the little bits you miss and when it sweats off? I also believe these chemical creams are full of toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer and many diseases. Sure, wearing sunscreen when you go out can be important but don’t rely on it to block all sun rays out and most importantly what a lot of people are not getting is that you need to get a brand that is not laced with toxic chemicals like about 90% of the ones in the supermarket are.

    Keep in mind a lot of large cosmetic companies do not want you to know the truth about what is really in their dodgy products. Do some research and buy an organic natural brand of sunscreen, not some cheap tube of rubbish like many Aussie mums buy for their unfortunate kids. The best thing you can do is buy proper hats for everyone in your family. it is amazing how many idiots in this country walk around with no hats in the middle of summer then wonder why they get skin cancer. Get a decent hat that covers a large area over your shoulders, not a baseball cap with your ears sticking out and most of your head exposed. I once seen an old guy on a train recently that had all his ears cut off from this happening to him I would guess in his younger years.

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