Cliff Richard faces fresh allegations as another alleged victim comes forward

The drama isn’t over yet for Sir Cliff Richard who is today facing more allegations of sex abuse. After prosecutors

The drama isn’t over yet for Sir Cliff Richard who is today facing more allegations of sex abuse.

After prosecutors failed to find enough evidence to charge Sir Cliff earlier this year over claims he abused a number of men when they were children, they were forced to drop the investigation.

Now though, two of the alleged victims have challenged the decision not the prosecute, meaning the evidence and the case will be re-examined once more.

The news has reportedly left Cliff distraught and angry and he has released a new and simple statement, saying: “Sir Cliff reaffirms his innocence.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spent 22 months collecting evidence over claims made by four men relating to alleged assaults between 1958 and the early 1980s.

Sir Cliff has always maintained his innocence, but the allegations have no doubt tarnished his reputation.

When the CPS announced they were dropping the case in June, the singer said he was “thrilled that the vile accusations and the resulting investigation have finally been brought to a close”.

With the case now reopened though there is every chance the outcome could be different next time.

The prosecution says it will not shy away from taking the case to court if they find evidence to challenge their original decision.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: “We only overturn decisions if we think the original decision was wrong.”

What are your thoughts on this case? Are you a fan of Cliff Richard?

  1. Susan  

    Firstly , this is a terrible photo of Cliff. it is about time the CPS drew a line under this dreadful situation with Cliff. I have just returned from an epic trip where he stood for 5 hours at his vineyard patiently having photos with each of his adoring followers, then we all went on. Sea cruise on the Mediterranean with him. He is the nicest person you could wish to meet. I have met him consistently over the years since my first encounter at the ABC theatre in Blackpool in 1963. He is still the same gentle, caring guy he always was and the witch hunt has to stop !!!

    • He appeared so to you. …..doesn’t mean his apparent victims see him in this light. …read up on the secret society he has belonged to. ..photographed written guest list etc….pretty foul!

    • Mark  

      He needs to ‘face the music’, if the various allegations prove to be correct.

      Fed-up with paedophiles’ hiding behind their ‘celebrity’ image a la Harris, Hughes, & maybe Cosby, as well.

    • Jackie  

      I have no idea if he is innocent or not. Neither do you . Jack the Ripper probably seemed nice when you met him

    • Kerry-Anne Gleeson  

      I certainly am a fan of Cliff Richards & totally believe he is innocent & will keep praying that every lie will be exposed once & for all. God’s richest blessings to Cliff & The Judge of all will show up on Cliff’s behalf – I know this, for sure! And there will be a hundred fold return to Cliff, of what he has lost over these ridiculous accusations.

  2. Kay Feain  

    Sadly there are people out there who want their 15 mins of fame and have no conscience when determined to bring another down.
    Sometimes……..and I do mean only sometimes, the alleged victims need investigating especially when there was no evidence in the first instance

    • And if it was true ?

      If it is found that the “victims” were lying they would have been charged. but they weren’t.

    • Ruth Sullivan  

      Totally agree this celebrity bashing in the Uk is obscene and totally invasive. First there was the Coro Street men, both exonerated – Sir Cliff Richards has always guarded his privacy and I think its time to just leave him alone. It is virtually impossible to prove a sexual encounter 20-30 years ago and I think it has more about wannabees trying to get money.

  3. Brenda Fallon  

    Victims of sexual abuse need to be believed. Not doing so abuses them further.

    • If someone says they are a victim of sexual abuse it doesn’t make it true. I have heard of several cases where the ‘victim’ later admitted nothing happened it was just a malicious accusation. Usually students and teachers but not in all cases. I certainly belief every accusation warrants thorough investigation but to always take the word of the ‘victim’ without question would be a travesty of justice. I know several men who wished to go into teaching while boys at high school but sought different careers after a case in NSW where a high school student accused her teacher of sexual assault, the media declared him guilty, his car was vandalised, his house picketed and graffiti sprayed on it, he was assaulted his wife and kids abused, he was forced to leave the area. She admitted nothing happened she was just angry he’d told her off for something.

      • Ros Mayes  

        And a similar thing happened to a teacher on the Sunshine Coast. It ruined his life, and it was all made up. I love Cliff and I hope this further allegation is proven false and he can live out the rest of his life in peace…

    • Yea so why did they wait 30 years to talk about it .If It were me that was abused I would have shouted about it from the highest rooftop when it happened . and sadly when an allegation is made it is a case of having to prove your innocence .
      I don’t believe anyone would wait that long to accuse someone unless of course there was money in it for them .

  4. Stephanie Cocks  

    Hopefully the ‘case’ will get sorted out properly once and for all. As to who is guilty or not I have NO idea, only those involved know that.

    SUMMER HOLIDAY my very fav movie!

  5. For goodness sake leave the man alone, he has given a lifetime of fantastic music, concerts , cd’s we all have got so much enjoyment from, why now do these people step forward to put him down in this time of his life, i for one will always get enjoyment from his music, “Brenda why do they come forward now after so many years”

    • Annabelle  

      So did Rolf Haris, AND he’s facing MORE charges!

  6. Angie Taylor  

    Of course genuine victims of sexual abuse should be believed no question however there are those individuals who like to use public opinion to further their own agenda and it certainly seems as if these individuals are out to either discredit Sir Cliff or looking for a large sum of compensation I for one have no doubt Sir Cliff is innocent but due to a lot of over the top and unjustified publicity Sir Cliff has been made to suffer. So far newspapers have made money reporting on the cases the TV viewers greatly increased at the time the Police were acting in a questionable manner. I am glad I no longer live in the UK where I was born and lived for over 50 years I live in a country now that on the whole respects people’s privacy until there is definite evidence to prove guilt. These people are also doing damage to genuine victims
    Why do so many people enjoy reading of such charges whether true or false

    • Lea  

      And how do you know these people are not genuine victims?

  7. Janie  

    Hmmmmm…..time will tell!

    Can’t stand him, NEVER have, always thought he was ‘different’.

    Have never seen ANY of his films, & wouldn’t waste my money doing so !

    • Yvonne Mosley  

      And why is being “different” a sign that someone could be abusing children. Just because someone values their privacy is not a reason to vilify them. Don’t judge people on their preferred lifestyles.

      • Justinian  

        Most normal men don’t sexually assault children.
        Those who are ‘different’, ie paedophiles’ do!
        This is done ‘in privacy’!
        FYI, back in the ’50’s, & ’60’s, & even before then, it was a criminal offence to be homosexual. Aren’t you aware of that?
        They were certainly judged, literally, for their preferred lifestyle then!
        Oscar Wilde was gaoled!

        It’s only in recent times’, they’ve been allowed to ‘come out of the closet’, without ending up in gaol.
        Maybe you should learn some Modern History, instead of going off half cocked.

    • Grow up Janie how you come up with the opinion that Sir Cliff is gay beats me, especially when he is a devout Christian just because he has chosen to not marry you can’t stand him and label him as a pervert. I for one love his music and movies he has given generations of people great music a great inspiration to many people.

      • Many people hide behind religion Heather, because his a devout Christian does not make him innocent. I for one wouldn’t trust him, and I believe he is guilty, but time will tell people are entitled to there opinions on the matter, so I don’t see why you think Janie should grow up ?

  8. Not really a fan of his but this is getting a bit ridiculous one minute he is gay now this .Looks like nobody can make up their mind about him and that includes me !

    • mr e purvis  

      It’s not about “making up your mind” this man was a regular visitor to elm guest house he is not mr nice guy he is a sad man with a history
      Maybe you have never heard of elm guest house or of it’s infamous list
      Some nieve people should learn a few facts before commenting
      The world of news is no longer controlled by the establishment thanks to the Internet information is now freely available for all you only have to look.

  9. I suppose none of you believed Bill Cosby either…Wake up people, there are people out there that really do despicable things to others. I don’t care it your a star or a regular person, no one should be ignored when it’s a victim of sexual abuse~!~ Would you let your Grandson near this man? I wouldn’t…

  10. Joan Marshall  

    Society and people have put upon us if we do not have a Partner we are Gay. How awful!! if I had my life again I would never marry nor be promiscuous.. We are all different. I would get great satisfaction from knowledge and avoid the drama attached to a relationship. I know people who have never had a relationship and look at life peacefully doing interesting things with their lives. Not guilty till proven for Sir Richard. Poor man!!

  11. These people are just out to make money and disgrace a famous person. Why have they waited so long after the event before bringing this to attention. Just a cam

    • carol  

      Those making false allegations just for the money make it difficult for the genuine victims

      • Mitchell  

        Very few people would do this just for the ‘money’.

        Firstly, you can be charged by Police for a false claim.
        Secondly, it’d be an horrendous experience to go through, then have to go to Court.

    • Gregory  

      To make a false allegation is a criminal offence.

      Obviously you didn’t bother listening to the victims’ of Harris, & Hughes’, as they explained very clearly, why they’d taken so long to come forward.

      Consider yourself lucky, Bob, if you haven’t been the victim of a paedophile.

  12. Pav  

    They say theres no smoke without fire, well they have ivestigated the fire, and find no reason to prosecute him.
    Now leave the man alone and let him get on with his life !

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