Prince Charles greeted by a sea of smiling… phones

A couple of weeks ago, this picture of an older woman at a public event went viral. We were reminded of it

A couple of weeks ago, this picture of an older woman at a public event went viral. We were reminded of it today when we saw the first photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall greeting fans in Sydney today. Can you see why?

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The woman was part of a crowd gathered to watch the arrival of the stars of the new Johhny Depp film, Black Mass. Was her phone in her bag? Maybe she doesn’t have a camera-phone, or it wasn’t charged. Or maybe it was and she just chose to enjoy the moment for what it was. A fleeting glimpse of celebrity.

As for everyone else, well, they now have a blurry photo of their fleeting glimpse of celebrity. The glimspe they didn’t actually even see with their actual eyes, but through a screen.

How times have changed, as one paper reported, “Back in my day, we didn’t stare at our phones. We just tried to rip Paul McCartney’s hair out if we ever got close enough.”

Similar scenes occurred in Sydney today when Prince Charles and Camilla did their meet and greet in Martin Place. Instead of waving to a sea of smiling faces, the future King of England nodded and smiled to the modern-day paparazzi; a crowd of people waving smartphones.

All credit to Charles and Camilla who were quite willing to smile and pose for the many cameras and didn’t let their smiles falter for a moment, even when the camera-phones were quite close to their faces.

Are you a selfie-snapper? Would you prefer to have a shot on your phone or the memory of seeing the star or royal figure? 

  1. Sometimes you wonder if like the ‘Lady of the Lady’ it is better to watch images than the ‘real’ thing!!@@###😃😄😐

  2. If I had been lucky enough to be there I would have lived in the moment. Probably so excited that I would have forgotten how my camera worked.

  3. I never take photos of anything I am doing…..I am to busy enjoying what I am doing to bother.

  4. I get sick of these people walking into me because they are on the phone as a pensioner I felt sure they should be dodging us not the other way around we are past dodging age

  5. I have actually seen very recently an individual taking a photo with their old phone of their new iPhone. I think they were trying to figure out how to do it the other way around. And I laugh at my dog when he chases his tale!

  6. I have been travelling a lot over the last few years. I’m always amazed at the number of people who are glued to their cameras as they film their holiday. Outcome: they don’t really see their trip until they watch the video!

  7. Dianne Evans  

    I take photos sometimes bit not all the time . I often look at things for ages and sometimes I take a photo other times not just depends I love old photos of my Grandkids ect. I look and it triggers other memories !

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