Camila surprises a couple by crashing their wedding

One lucky couple received the surprise of a lifetime when the Duchess of Cornwall took time out of her schedule

One lucky couple received the surprise of a lifetime when the Duchess of Cornwall took time out of her schedule to stopped by and wish them congratulations on their wedding day.

Camila was in Swindon for the day on royal duties when she saw the couple who had just said their ‘I dos’ at the local registry office.

Camila asked the newlyweds, Craig and Rachel Bailey, if they had just been married and stayed to chat to them about where they were going for their reception and honeymoon.

The pair looked absolutely delighted by the encounter and asked Camila if they could have a quick photo, which she gladly agreed to.

While all the attention is usually on what the bride wore, Camila got plenty of attention herself throughout the day for her bright purple tartan coat.

The vibrant coat was hard to miss in the crowd as she made her way around the town meeting locals and stopping by the primary school where she received a little bunch of flowers from the young children.

While some absolutely loved Camila’s bold look, others thought the colour was a bit too much.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?

  1. colin  

    Id ask the adulteress to leave

  2. Funny how the SAS team can’t spell her name, innit?
    But don’t worry about it, that’s par for the course.

      • You’re so right. The overall impression given, deserved or not, is that the linguistic/spelling/writing/thinking/typing capabilities of the (shall we say, elderly) audience and some of the SAS responses are on par with the abilities of the TwitFace generation today.

  3. Diana  

    She looks fine. It might be well to remember that she pays her dues to society pretty much every day of her life. I wouldn’t want to get dressed up and attend charitable events several times a week throughout the year. How much volunteering do the naysayers do? Those who always say or write something abuse whenever she is mentioned and presumably are as pure as the driven snow themselves?

    • I agree with you, she looks smart. She has a busy social calendar. Also it takes two to tango, she wasn’t the only one at fault, and what was done was done….about time people moved on.

  4. Marilyn Ingram  

    Why did she want to be the focal point of attention ,? It was the brides day not hers.

    • Jennifer Robinson  

      Could it be a case of “look at moi – look at moi”

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Duchess Camilla will live with her sly ways for the rest of her life. Fancy hanging around Princess Diana and then carrying on with Diana’s husband. As for Prince Charles I do not think he would make a good King just like his Uncle Edward the 8th. I think Prince William would make a good King.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Joan I have no confidence in Charles ever being King you are so right. I thought the rule was that if divorced he cannot become King. I hope that is the case. Prince William would be a great King with Kate by his side.

    • Merelina Ponsonby  

      Through out history Royals have had affairs (think I have spelt that wrongly). I believe Camilla is a nice person and she has certainly done good to Charles. He should not have married Diana anyway.

  6. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Colin me too. leave immediately you are the adulteress which broke up the marriage of Princess Diana. That people will never forget.

    • I’m not condoning the adultery episode one little bit, but I don’t think I’ll be losing any sleep any time soon over the fact that, as the old song goes, it took two to tango.
      Does it make one iota of difference to you, me or the gate post if they did the dirty deed or not — or how many times they did it, or with whom, if they enjoyed it or even if she laid back, closed her eyes and thought of England?
      I think the world will continue, somehow.

      • Merelina Ponsonby  

        Takes two, not took two!

        • In that case, it took two to tango … it’s called using past tense. To make it easier for you to understand: it takes two to tango today (present); it took two to tango yesterday (past); it will take two to tango tomorrow (future).

    • Kath  

      Just, live and let live, God forgives so can’t you. Life is so short

  7. Jenna  

    I still think if she is given the title of ‘Queen’ when Charles takes the throne, there will be a lot of protest.

    • robyn  

      I read just the other week when William was in Canada the queen told him that she wanted William & kate to take over from her (the queen) she didn’t want Camilla as queen. the people love the younger generation better. Charles is happy with her decision. Charles & Camilla are a divorced couple and they shouldn’t be able to take the throne or marry a divorcee – look what princess Margaret had to go through. be fair to her. no one wants Camilla to be queen or anywhere near the throne.

  8. Lin Bentley  

    Looks bloody horrible. Nothing nice about this woman.

  9. Dianne Evans  

    The couple look tickled pink just added to their special day.


    Wow, what a bunch of pathetic hypocrites leaving comments on this article (with a couple of exceptions).
    Camilla (spelt correctly) had been the love of Prince Charles’ life for decades. Sadly, he’d been pressured into a marriage
    with the more ‘suitable’ Diana which just didn’t work out. Plus, according to all reports, the angelic Diana was involved in a number of adulterous trysts towards the end of their of marriage. The enigma of Harry’s true father will always haunt us.
    I wonder too just how many of the people leaving these degrading comments about Camilla have been “pristine perfect” in their own relationships?
    What Camilla did for this newly wed couple was a delightfully spontaneous act of goodwill and you can see in their happy faces just how thrilled they were.
    Charles and Camilla were always meant to be partners in life. Just compare the stilted and awkward pics of Charles and Diana in the 80s and 90s to those of today with Charles and Camilla … natural and loving companionship.
    So, get a life you unworthy denigrators of a wonderful, hardworking and thoughtful lady.

    • Elaine Henderson  

      Couldn’t agree more. What a bunch of lousy hypocrites. I think Camilla is a lovely lady. And let’s not forget that Diana was not perfect – witness the many years of speculation about the paternity of Prince Harry. You people need to remember – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. So even if you’re not religious, think about the words.

      • Jennifer  

        No Diana wasn’t perfect, who is, but pretend to be her friend whilst having affair with her husband? No thanks.

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