Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reach temporary custody deal

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reached a temporary custody, which sees her get full custody of their

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reached a temporary custody, which sees her get full custody of their children and subjects him to random drug and alcohol testing and supervised visits.

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services made its recommendations which the couple are forced to either accept or fight out in court.

It is believed they have accepted the deal and will renegotiate when it expires.

The deal comes just weeks after the pair announced their divorce putting an end to one of the entertainment industry’s most powerful relationships.

Brad will be allowed to visit the children, but only with a therapist present. Only the therapist can decide whether or not he should be allowed unsupervised visits in future.

This is due to the circumstances surrounding their divorce, which documents show were brought to a head after Brad allegedly flew into a rage at the couple’s eldest son Maddox while the family was on a plane.

He has already been undergone his first drug and alcohol test, which came back negative.

The stipulations around Brad have surprised many.

The custody battle over their children is one many people can relate to and has raised an interesting argument: should children be able to choose the parent they live with.

Brad and Angelina’s children range from ages 15 to 8 years old. Many say that older teenagers should be able to choose who they live with, while others argue parents know what’s best.

The former couple are expected to front court in a matter of weeks to finalise the deal, with Angelina reportedly asking for full custody.

Are you surprised by the conditions of Brad’s visits? Do you think kids should be allowed to choose which parent they live with?

  1. Carolyn Mash  

    No one outside knows what goes on behind closed doors, but the children do, so maybe they should have some say, but selfish parents can still influence their decision. If it’s been a life of domestic violence then it’s different of course.
    Why must seemingly caring parents make children take sides in their battles with each other? The love between the two of them might have died but the children don’t stop loving both of them. It’s not a competition to be the only parent, you are both still important to the kids. Divorce is difficult enough, their life changes too, so parents should at least keep their own bitterness away from them, kids don’t need to know everything that you feel.
    As for Brad and Angelina, they have chosen to have this family, now they BOTH need to act responsibly in caring for them, I’m sure there are faults on both sides, but the kids still have TWO parents, and love them both.

  2. Children should not only be allowed to decide which parent they want to live with, they should also be allowed to decide if they don’t want to live with their parents at all….what suddenly makes her a saint? Her previous history is much worse than his and we all know history repeats…
    Yes we don’t know what goes on behind their closed doors but….this will set a precedent (in some people’s minds), this is the sort of stuff that is starting to happen in our family court system….it is not there to protect children, it is only there so these selfish adults can start point scoring….it depends on who has the more corrupt lawyer….children know what goes on…talk to them and let them decide…these children are all old enough….

    • Rebecca Corrigan  

      Her previous history….you dound like my grandmother!
      For crying out loud, people do change! And she certainly has.
      I don’t think that she is been portrayed as a ‘saint’ at all, she walked away for their childrens safety. That to me is what a parent does so their children are kept safe.
      Maybe you need to be more objective.
      Drug/ alcohol abuse destroys families, if anything that’s exactly what I am seeing here

  3. Vicki Hooper  

    I have always thought children have no rights when it comes to divorce,living arrangements etc ,If Brad flying of the handle at one of his brood is the reason she is divorcing him God help them all …I think a lot of us are guilty of yelling at our children at different times but most of us are still married ….I have a feeling that family will be making headlines for many years to come for doing unusually strange things …

    • Wiso  

      I agree with you Vicki !!
      There is more to this story than we know and I am seeing a sordid power play by her. The reasons stated by her for the divorce are so petty and weak that they indicate there is more to this than is said or she is mentally weak and not quite normal.
      God help those poor children (and their father) if she gets full control of them !!

  4. CynthiaMHuss  

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  5. linus  

    Wether kids truth will come out, it always does, be warned all divorcing parents. You can’t lie forever.

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