What truly makes a house a home?

The collaboration of author Jane Godwin and illustrator Andrew Joyner produced the much-admired, delightful picture book How Big Is Too

The collaboration of author Jane Godwin and illustrator Andrew Joyner produced the much-admired, delightful picture book How Big Is Too Small?

Now successful these collaborators have joined forces once again – alongside Michael Wagner – to produce the new children’s book Bear Make Den.

Bear Make DenBear is great with his hands, but not so smart when it comes to relationships. If he fixes up his den, will everything else follow?

Bear loves to get things done. He can make just about anything! He even builds a wonderful den.

But something is missing.

What could it be?

From this talented trio comes a warm, playful picture book about what truly makes a home.

Jane Godwin is the author of many award-winning stories for young people, including her bestselling picture books with Anna Walker, What Do You Wish For?, Starting School, Today We Have No Plans, All Through the Year and Little Cat and the Big Red Bus.

Michael Wagner has written many books for children, including the Maxx Rumble series, the Undys series and the picture book Why I Love Footy. He has also worked as a radio broadcaster with the ABC, written and produced award- winning animation for TV, and written and performed music and comedy.

Andrew Joyner is an internationally published illustrator and author. His popular books include The Terrible Plop and Too Many Elephants in This House with Ursula Dubosarsky, the Boris series, and The Swap by Jan Ormerod (a CBCA Book of the Year).

Bear Makes Den is available now from Dymocks.

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  1. evry thing, but we don’t realise this then, but I think it creates a strong desire to re create the type of home you make for yourself and your children later in life

  2. In our Family their were six girls and three Boys and we lived on a farm so we worked and played together and if anyone was away we missed them like crazy ,sitting around at night listening to the radio [no tv.].Oh how i miss those Family times i’m feeling quite sad now.

  3. Fabulous Family. ….Grandparents, Parents, uncles ,Aunts, Cousins ….Warm and Kind People who made every catch up with them memorable…..Picnics , Farms , Trains, Big Family Gatherings, and of course the Country Food . Still miss all the..Fun! But … Glad I still have the wonderful memories. Feeling Blessed😊

  4. I loved our family home but left when I was 18, forever. When I returned to introduce my fiance, I couldn’t get over that Mum & Dad had changed the house around & put it up For Sale. I obviously thought that ‘our’ house’ should stay exactly the same…

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