Rediscovering the joy of reading in retirement

Welcome back, readers! I received the most delightful note last week from a person identifying herself only as Marnie: “Hi,

Welcome back, readers!

I received the most delightful note last week from a person identifying herself only as Marnie:

“Hi, I am retired and doing what I always dreamed of: Reading. Had a busy life, only read one book a year if I was lucky to get a holiday. Now I read a few hours every day.

I did get books from the library for some years but as my right hand isn’t as strong as it was, some books were too big and heavy, or the print was too small.

So now at 92 I have got a Kindle e-reader much smaller than my iPad and I get a lot of the daily specials for around a dollar, which suits my budget very well. Can still read if the electric fails, adjust the size of print and background colour, hold in one hand.

I charge it every night; it really works for me. I think it would be good to pass this on to people getting older, who love reading. Enjoy”

Marnie thank you so much for this note, it really made my day. I think it is wonderful that you finally have the chance to read and that you have adopted modern technology. Whilst I still love a book, I agree with you that having an eBook is very convenient and so light weight. Take care and make sure you keep in touch, let us know what you are reading.

karen-readingFor the past few weeks, I’ve been working full time; at this time of the year people want to get away for a holiday and I do relief property management – certainly cuts into my reading time! I do enjoy it and  the practival side of my brain gets a workout. I’d just like to know who told the air conditioning system the rookie was in charge so it could break down and then pass the message to half a dozen washing machines!

Great reaction to the article by David Michie about how to pronounce his name; I admit I have been mispronouncing it, saying the “ch” as in church. I love The Dalai’s Lama’s Cat books, there are three now, and David is very generous in the way he shares his wisdom.

During 2016 there will be more blogs like David’s – book/author related, but not particularly about any specific book – have you any suggestions to make for topics for discussion? Please leave any suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. Reading is a wonderful thing. I like proper books but also download from the library to the e reader. Often am able to borrow books I never see on the library shelves.

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      Hi Rosemary
      I’m lucky that my library has a good selection of titles, particularly Australian titles in their eLibrary. Interestingly, I learned recently that although eBooks grabbed large market share initially, that initial surge has resulted in increased sales of all books, with eBooks falling slightly back from their high point. Terrific news for everyone who loves the feel of a book, but also wonderful that we have a choice, so that when like Marnie we can’t hold the weight of a book, we can still indulge our passion for reading. Thanks for your comments, look forward to many more int the coming year.

  2. Hi Karen interested to see in your photo the latest book by Mitch Albom, I just love his books and am about to start this one. Here’s to another year of great reading.

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      Hello Jenny
      I also love Mitch Albom’s books and at my library book club we read (re-read for me) Tuesday’s with Morrie in December. Would love to share notes when you finish reading, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto – I’m thoroughly enjoying it and want it to last. I’m sure there is a great year of books ahead and look forward to your comments. Cheers

  3. Love reading discovered Peter James late last year downloaded 10 of his books up to number 4 all great.

  4. always get a new book to relax with over the holidays, as don’t have time to read when working

  5. I have always been an avid reader. I belong to the local library and also pick up books at vinnies

  6. I read all the time well …. A lot of the time ! I have so many books & I’ve read them all over & over !! I need some new books !!

  7. Always read when I was younger but haven’t read a book for a long time but now that I have retired I bought a book at Xmas but haven’t had time to read more than 100 pages, retirement is difficult.

  8. I use both Marnie. Don’t you love reading? What would we do without books. They are my life. My husband sees me going out to find another book and immediately sets up the computer. This week I chose an ebook and a book.

  9. From the day I could read independently I have never been without a book. I cannot imagine life without a book in some form. That ability to lose yourself in a story, where the characters become a part of your life and you grieve when you finish the book. My husband says ‘I don’t read books, I devour them’ lol.

  10. With my children and grandchildren, I’ve explained that reading a book is like watching a movie, you don’t see the print, you see a picture show in your mind. When I did watch Lord of the rings it was pretty much as I saw it in the book. With me, I don’t read a book, it’s just a movie I can watch whenever I sit down with a good novel.

    • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

      What a wonderful way of explaining books Laurie, thanks for sharing.

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