Bob Irwin reveals pain of losing contact with grandchildren Bindi and Robert

He has one of the most famous grandchildren in the world right now but Bob Irwin claims he has lost

He has one of the most famous grandchildren in the world right now but Bob Irwin claims he has lost contact with Bindi and her little brother Bob.

The father of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin told The Herald Sun he has been shut out of his grandchildren’s lives just days after little Robert’s 12th birthday.

Bob said he was “enormously proud” of Bindi following her triumphant Dancing with the Stars TV win in the US, but the 76-year-old says he has yet to congratulate Bindi in person.

“I don’t like to talk about family matters but no we are not in contact,” he said. “It’s sad but it’s just the way things are”.

When pressed on the issue, Bob said Steve would have wanted his family to sort out any issues, “but life’s a b**** sometimes”.

Family issues aside, the grandfather continues to sing the praises of his granddaughter after her terrific win on the US Dancing With The Stars.

“She’s a great girl and she’s used to being in the public eye,” he said.

“She seems to be able to take on everything that life throws at her — she’s definitely got an amazing future ahead of her”.

Speculation of a rift has simmered for some time after Terri Irwin, Steve’s widow, revealed in 2013 that there was some tension.

“It’s a dynamic of grief within any family and I found after we lost Steve his dad just began distancing himself,” she told a magazine at the time.

“But I very much love Bob and since he retired from Australia Zoo in 1992 I’ve made sure he’s always been on a wage.

“We’ve supported him ­financially, we’ve made sure he’s had a house, property, everything he needed so he can retire comfortably.

“And I think I’ve done what I need to do to be responsible to Steve’s dad.

“And I will always be there for him”.

Many readers maybe be able to sympathise with this situation, as even if you mightn’t talk to your grandkids, you always love them from afar.

Time will tell if Bob will be able to see Bindi and little Bob again.

Tell us, do you know how Bob feels? What should he do?

  1. yes I guess without Steve here anymore, that chain is broken… Mums family get the benefit now I suppose…

  2. I feel so terribly for what this man has had to endure. Not only lost his son but his grand kids as well. So very, very sad

  3. there are many grand parents out there with the same plight as Bob Irwin, if he was not in the public eye no one would know , these other get no recognition or sympathy from the public, I dont belive in hanging out your family issues in public, sort it out

    • Yes they do Robert I feel for the grandparents this is happening to. Why the grandchildren are brought into the problems with the adults is beyond me as the grandchildren suffer and are having to pay for the problems made by adults just like in divourse.

    • Marlene Fegan exactly hun. iv tried and tried, now she wont even answer the phone when i ring. i dont know what i did wrong.

    • I have 17 g/ kids 2 great g/
      Kids hardly ever see them as all moved away
      But that’s life
      I only know them by photos
      N Facebook

    • I personally do not like to air family issues, however, Bob IRWIN/ family are world news, & we can learn from each other when it comes to grandparents not being in touch with grandchildren. We only pass through this world but once, if therefore there is any kind word to be said, say it now.

    • Yvonne Lowe I also have a large family all round the world as it happens face book allows me to connect visiting is out of the question when young parents are sooooo busy & or so far away but we love & cherish each other

    • We are very lucky to have Facebook and skype now to keep in contact with family so maybe some of you grandparents need to contact your grandchildren this way.
      Two of my grandchildren have been living in the USA for the last 3years and could only afford 1 visit so this is the way we kept in contact. Even though they are young you can encourage them to play with there toys while you talked to them and then read some books to them.
      Maybe you could do this and you don’t even have to talk to there parents.
      Even if it is only for 10 minutes because there attention spans is short it is still worth it.

  4. Terri is a typical yank, and before you all come down on my opinion … I was married to one and lived there …. and one day the kids might want to meet the man who made the father (they still profess to love and miss) the man he was.I feel for Bob.

  5. Very sad, children need their grandparent as grandparents need their grandchildren 💔

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