Bindi Irwin posts emotional tribute to her late father and grandmother on their birthday

Imagine losing not only your grandmother, but your father, in the short space of 6 years. It would be heartbreaking

Imagine losing not only your grandmother, but your father, in the short space of 6 years. It would be heartbreaking for any child, but Bindi Irwin has transformed into a wonderful, vivacious and unstoppable teen despite the tragedies in life.

10 years on and Steve’s eldest child is going from strength to strength, after a fabulous win on the US version of Dancing With The Stars. He would be so proud! But now on his birthday, the 17-year-old, has taken to social media to say just how proud she is of him, and also how much she misses her grandmother.

Coincidentally, Steve’s mum Lyn was born on February 22 as well, and Bindi sent out a special birthday message for them both.

On Instagram, Bindi captioned the photo: “My grandmother and Dad. Both of whom I miss desperately. Knowing my grandmother for almost 2 years and my dad for 8, I am blessed to have these beautiful souls with me always. Happy birthday to you both. I love you”.

The next day Bindi shared another sweet sentiment on Twitter, saying simply “Love lives on forever”.

After his mother’s death, Steve penned his own tribute and said, “I was born right fair smack on my Mum’s 20th birthday. Crikey! A birthday present she’ll never forget. The umbilical cord of our souls was never cut; to this very day I am connected to my Mum”.

Very sweet and so touching.

Take a look at the photo and tell us, do you know how young Bindi feels? Have you lost someone close to you but always felt them around you?

  1. Given that she was only 2 when her grandmother died she is unlikely to remember much about her given that research has proven that children are unable to recall a great deal of their lives up to the age of 2. To say she knew her grandmother for 2 years ie from birth is an exaggeration and simply a bid for sympathy. Not denying that it is sad for her but any memories will be from stories told not her own experience. Many children lose grandparents at a young age – it is the cycle of life. Bindi Irwin is no different from other children except her father was famous -her loss is no greater than that of many other children who have experienced similar losses.

    • Nobody said she is any different to other children. It was her message that she posted about how she felt. Yet because her father was famous the media feed of it. I often FB things about people I miss but luckily it doesn’t go viral.

    • Your information is informative but rather nasty saying that it is a bid for sympathy. Telling children stories about beloved relatives that have passed does help them form a bond.

    • These posts invite comments – just because you dont hold the same point of view there is no need to take it personally. I was simply making the point that as she was a baby when her grandmother was alive she would not be likely to have any real memories of her own and so the fact that the article says about her losing 2 very close people in 6 years is over stated, It is a scientifically proven fact that children do not hold memories of their lives before the age of 2.

    • I can remember 2 years of age, I learned to read and write at 3 years old and so did my son..didn’t you?

    • Libbi Elliot …..Same here Libbi. I remember the passing of my great grandmother at the age of 2 and it is still clear as a bell.

    • I agree with you Claire that she can’t possibly remember her grandmother . It is very sad she lost her dad but so have so many other children and quite often they are left in much worse circumstances

    • As my Mother said when we were young ‘If you can not say anything nice, close your mouth’. Zip it up.

    • why does she has to remember her grandmother to have a memorial service ? I go visit the cemetery at least once a month, my family has a plot there, I pay the same respect to those that went before I came into the world as I do to those I knew..they are my family !!! and to the rest of you commenting negatively, there is a little thing you seem to lack..respect

    • She’d be better off going to stay in the US along with her mother. She is more American than most Americans, and is so false the way she carries on – and this article only strengthens that view.

    • Don’t see how she was being nasty. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is Clare Miller opinion. And probably a lot of other peoples as well.

    • So sick of the attention seeking rehearsed Irwin’s. Many of us have lost grandparents and parents..what makes them any different.

    • Yep over them…..we have all lost parents and grandparents. The difference being, we are not IRWINS, thank goodness!!!!!

    • Leonie June Faraday thank you. You are one of the few people who demonstrate open mindedness and have actually read what I have written. This is a case of people not actually reading the words I wrote but making their own assumptions as to meaning rather than ensuring they have the facts straight. Nowhere have I said she should not honour her grandmother because she didnt know her or that family history should not be passed on in stories. I find it rather amusing that those who accuse me of being nasty are the ones making the most personal derogatory comments when they have not even fully understood what I have said. I did actually say it was sad for Bindi but they have conveniently not acknowledged that. In the words of Margaret Smiths mother they shouldnt say anything if they dont have anything nice to say. I say people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

    • Libbi Elliot what has your learning to read and write at 3 got to do with this discussion. My words were children cannot remember anything BEFORE the age of 2

  2. Yes I do age has no bearing on losing an important person in your life. Especially a person who really ‘got’ you

  3. You do wonder about her don’t you. I really don’t know her motivation but it is a bit suss that all her emotions are so publicly displayed. Is it more image creating/

    • Nobody said she is any different to other children. It was her message that she posted about how she felt. Yet because her father was famous the media feed of it. I often FB things about people I miss but luckily it doesn’t go viral.because the media is not interested in my life.

    • she is travelling on her Dad’s so called fame….she needs to do it for herself….sick of hearing about her just because of her dad

  4. Call me a joy germ , but I’m not the least bit interested in Bindys life ,

  5. Mike here-I think I know know how she feels, I became the oldest surviving Denison male in our immediate line for four generations at 52. I was a bit older than Bindi when my Mother died, I was 20 but the problem was exacerbated by the fact that apparently my prescence in the Vietnam war was so important that I wasn’t allowed home for the funeral. Father died 9 years later, between the time of my Mother & Father dying my my youngest sister died & shortly after Father died my older sister also died

    • This is so sad June. I hope your life is better now and you will always remember your family.

    • Mike here-it was a long time ago, my comment was in support of the young lady it takes s long time to get over some things, I still haven’t got over my Mother & mising her funeral

  6. You were your Dads bundle of joy he would be so proud of you Bindy. There so many negative people in this world to day.

  7. From 1991 to 2002i lost my grandmother my father my husband and my brother. It was a heartbreaking time
    I feel for her the way I feel for all who loose loved ones. It is a personal thing but part of the healing process is sharing stories.

  8. She always finds a new way to get in the news. The new Lara Bingle. .I wish she focussed on their business and see how tuff staff and animals are doing it under their wrong management. So over it…rant over 😉

  9. I was older but I lost my husband and father within 3 months of each other. They are missed but at times they both make their presence felt.

  10. Make contact with your Grandad Bindi .. He lost a wife and and a son … He needs closure too from everything a very sad case of a broken family !!!

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