Aussie man sells his lifetime collection of classic Holdens, worth millions

Charlie McCarron has been collecting classic Holden cars all his life and when photos of his sixty historic Holdens sitting
Photo: Burns and Co.

Charlie McCarron has been collecting classic Holden cars all his life and when photos of his sixty historic Holdens sitting in a warehouse went viral earlier this year, he didn’t budge.

However, now, McCarron has announced that he was selling his collection of rare and classic car which have been carefully preserved in a warehouse in Canowindra, in the central west of NSW.

The news has sent motor enthusiasts from around the world into a frenzy and they are expected to descend on the sleepy rural town.

The 84-year-old former car salesman who spent 52 years running the local car yard is now putting the lot under the hammer, telling A Current Affair he ‘can’t handle it anymore’, reports Daily Mail.

Clockwise from top left: A green 1972 Holden LJ Torana, 1974 Statesman, 1961 Ek Holden Ute and a four speed manual built in the mid 1960s – it is super rare because only 600 were ever made.

Charlie’s collection is considered one of the greatest in Australia, and his mint-condition cars are expected to go for millions over the course of a three day auction.

Car parts and memorabilia will also be up for grabs.

Photo by Burns and Co.
Clockwise from top left: A C47 Holden FX Ute is from 1953, a Holden Gemini and a C27 Holden HQ 1972 Belmont Panel Van are just some of the cars on the market. Photo by Burns and Co.

Among the much sought after classics are a 1959 Holden FC, a 1968 Monaro GTS, a 1959 model ute and a 1950 Armstrong Siddeley, A Current Affair reports.

He told the program his ‘pride and joy’ is a 48/215, one of the first cars to drive off Holden’s production line.
Charlie believes his 1948 Holden is valued at ‘about a million bucks’, it’s one of only 6 left in Australia.
Holden fans who are keen to grab a piece of the prized collection can take part in the auction, scheduled from September 30 to October 2.

Which one do you like best?

  1. Janice french  

    Hi my father had an Armstrong Siddely when I was growing up in the UK, I have many happy memories of the old car, Dad used to pull the arm rest down in the back seat to seperate my brother and I, it didn’t work, we still fought 😀.
    If I had the spare cash I’d buy yours, Just for one last ride,I hope it goes to a good home.

  2. I know Charlie McCarron. We lived in Canowindra from 1966 – 1970. So many beautiful memories. All the best Charlie 🙂

    • Carol Jeffery BOWD  

      It’s going to be a huge weekend in our old home town Sue.
      I may have known you when you lived in Canowindra Sue!

  3. Gloria  

    The Warehouse has historic value as well, that being it was part of a building of the Glen Davis Shale Mining Company, Glen Davis produced petrol during the 2nd world war. The mine closed in the early 1950’s therefore reducing employment the town later became a ghost town now it is not on any Australian maps.
    I visited the display of all the Holden cars how spectacular, & especially the fact that Charlie gave my brother in law & I a guided tour, we both were residents of Glen Davis.

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